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  • Brioche-Style Kugelhopf via @kingarthurflour
    Naturally Leavened Brioche-Style Kugelhopf
    With this post we welcome Maurizio Leo as a regular contributor to Flourish. Maurizio's award-winning…
  • cocktail cakes via@kingarthurflour
    Cocktail cakes: straight up
    Sift magazine's holiday issue presents dozens of inspirations for this festive season's baking. There's one…
  • baking with molasses hero
    Baking with Molasses
    Sift magazine’s holiday issue is full of festive recipes for this season’s baking. Sift magazine often includes a feature…
  • Cookie Science via @kingarthurflour
    Cookie science
    Good bakers know how to follow recipes. Great bakers know how to tweak them –…
  • Easy Cheesecake via @kingarthurflour
    Easy Cheesecake
    EASY. That's the four-letter word you long to hear! With so much going on in…
  • Holiday Baking Ideas via @kingarthurflour
    Holiday baking ideas
    Everything feels a little extra-special around the holidays. Fires feel cozier and kitchens are more…
  • Decorating cookies via @kingarthurflour
    Holiday cookie decorating
    Sift magazine's holiday issue is full of festive recipes for this season's baking. In today's feature, baker Samantha Chiu (of the…
  • chocolate crepe cake via@kingarthurflour
    Creative crêpe recipes
    Sift magazine's holiday issue presents one of the most simple, versatile foods you can make:…
  • Rollout Sugar Cookie Tips via @kingarthurflour
    Rollout sugar cookie tips
    If there's one time of year you feel absolutely obliged to make decorated cutout cookies,…
  • Levain for sandwich bread via @kingarthurflour
    Levain for sandwich bread
    Have you ever used a levain for sandwich bread? I recently took a class at…
  • No-Knead Sandwich Rolls via @kingarthurflour
    No-knead sandwich rolls
    With the year drawing to a close, it's time to give one final shout-out to…
  • hero via@kingarthurflour
    Holiday cookies: by the book
    Sift magazine's Holiday issue has your holiday cookie inspiration covered. We teamed up with three…
  • Baking steel pizza dough via @kingarthurflour
    Baking Steel pizza dough
    Inventor and guest writer Andris Lagsdin shares the story of how a realization at work…
  • Butter-Pecan Kringle Bakealong via @kingarthurflour
    Butter-Pecan Kringle Bakealong
    Welcome to our December Bakealong challenge. Each month, we'll announce a new recipe for you…
  • Holiday spice blends via @kingarthurflour
    Baking with holiday spice blends
    The season for holiday baking is here. We're readying our kitchens to make traditional Christmas…
  • Cranberry-Orange Babka via kingarthurflour
    Cranberry-Orange Babka
    Do you usually shy away from complicated baking projects? Yes or no, stick with me…
  • Popovers with cranberry butter via @kingarthurflour
    Popovers with cranberry butter
    Forget turkey sandwiches, sweet potato hash, or cold pumpkin pie: The best day-after Thanksgiving meal is popovers…
  • Topping pie crust via @kingarthurflour
    Topping pie crust
    Anointing the top of your pie may seem like gilding the lily — I mean,…
  • Shortening vs. butter in baking via @kingarthurflour
    Shortening vs. butter in baking
    Vegetable shortening can be a mysterious ingredient. I’d never plunged my spatula into the cloud-like…
  • Decorative pie crust via @kingarthurflour
    Decorative Pie Crust Tips
    Elaborately decorated pies might seem like an impossible feat for the home baker, but today…
  • Maple-Bacon-Waffles via @kingartfhurflour
    Maple Bacon Waffles
    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; that we all know. A good,…
  • St Lucia Buns via @kingarthurflour
    Small, Sweet Holiday Bread Recipes from Sift
    Sift magazine's holiday issue presents dozens of inspirations for this festive season's baking. Our Bread…
  • Make-Ahead Pie Crust via @kingarthurflour
    Make-ahead pie crust
    'Tis the season — to start thinking about holiday baking. Unfortunately, way too many of…
  • Fruitcake timeline via @kingarthurflour
    Your fruitcake timeline
    Holiday cake bakers, let's talk about your fruitcake timeline. Whether you're gifting the traditional fruit- and…