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  • Baking with Almond Flour via @kingarthurflour
    Baking with almond flour
    Almond flour: it's one of the newest darlings in foodie world, appearing in everything from…
  • How to reduce sugar in cookies and bars via @kingarthurflour
    How to reduce sugar in cookies and bars
    "Cut back on your sugar intake" and "enjoy an exquisitely delicious homemade chocolate chip cookie"…
  • Cookie Science via @kingarthurflour
    Cookie science
    Good bakers know how to follow recipes. Great bakers know how to tweak them –…
  • Decorating cookies via @kingarthurflour
    Holiday cookie decorating
    Sift magazine's holiday issue is full of festive recipes for this season's baking. In today's feature, baker Samantha Chiu (of the…
  • Rollout Sugar Cookie Tips via @kingarthurflour
    Rollout sugar cookie tips
    If there's one time of year you feel absolutely obliged to make decorated cutout cookies,…
  • hero via@kingarthurflour
    Holiday cookies: by the book
    Sift magazine's Holiday issue has your holiday cookie inspiration covered. We teamed up with three…
  • sift magazine via@kingarthurflour
    Sift magazine celebrates
    Sift magazine is here for the holidays, with more recipes than ever before. For us,…
  • whole-grain baking via @kingarthurflour
    Whole-Grain Baking
      The harvest of recipes in the Fall issue of Sift magazine includes a tasty…
  • Sift magazine via @kingarthurflour
    Blue Ribbon Baking
    The new Fall issue of Sift magazine opens with a collection of prizewinning flavors. We've…
  • Essential Goodness Chocolate Chip Cookies via @kingarthurflour
    Essential Goodness Chocolate Chip Cookie mix
    Our Essential Goodness chocolate chip cookie mix make a delicious, buttery cookie reminiscent of childhood,…
  • Almond Flour Shortbread Cookies
    When it comes to shortbread cookies, it's all about the texture and crunch, right? Well, today…
  • Coconut Macaroons 3 Ways via
    Coconut Macaroons 3 Ways
    Sometimes when I'm sitting in my poofy chair with a chubby poodle in my lap,…
  • Stamp Cookies via @kingarthurflour
    Stamp Cookies
    So it happened. The annual cookie swap invitation just appeared in your inbox – and…
  • a cookie swap via@kingarthurflour
    A cookie swap from Sift
      For generations, people have been getting together around holiday time to share and exchange…
  • Springerle via @kingarthurflour
    Do you know what springerle are? Traditionally leavened with hartshorn (baker’s ammonia) and flavored with…
  • The best Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies using @kingarthurflour's gluten-free sugar cookie mix!
    Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies
    If your  mind is swimming with holiday baking ideas, you're not alone. We've had cookies…
  • Simple cookie glaze via @kingarthurflour
    Simple Cookie Glaze
    What's the first step to gorgeous decorated holiday cookies? A blank canvas: baked cutout cookies…
  • Snowflake Shortbread via @kingarthurflour
    Snowflake Shortbread
    Shortbread cookies are one of the easiest and most delicious desserts to make. Don't let…
  • Holiday baking via @kingarthurflour
    Holiday Baking (and reading)
    Holiday baking is the time when the otherwise humble ingredients flour, butter, sugar and yeast…
  • Freeze & Bake Tips via @kingarthurflour
    Freeze & bake tips
    Time-saving freeze & bake tips. There, did I catch your attention? This time of year…
  • Caraway Cookies from Sift via @kingarthurflour
    Caraway Cookies from Sift
    In honor of King Arthur's 225th birthday, we went in search of a recipe that…
  • Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies via @kingarthurflour
    Fat substitutes in gluten-free baking
    One of the most common questions we get from our gluten-free readers and bakers is…
  • How to Make a Better Boxed Lunch via@kingarthurflour
    Bake A Better Boxed Lunch
    As many of us watch the seasons changing, it's a harbinger of changes not only…
  • Muesli Cookies via @kingarthurflour
    Muesli Cookies
    “Make a healthy cookie.” Kind of seems like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Don't get me…