King Arthur Flour lowers the price grocery retailers pay for our flours

It’s not often these days manufacturers get a chance to announce good news about food prices. I’d like to share with you a letter from Michael Bittel, our senior VP and general manager of the Flour division at King Arthur Flour, announcing an immediate price decrease on flour. By carefully watching the wheat market and making some very smart buys, we have been able to secure a supply of high-quality wheat at better than expected prices. This means we can mill the flour at better than expected cost and pass the savings on to our direct customers, the retailers from whom you buy your groceries.

To Our Valued Customers:

We communicated openly and honestly with you earlier this year when high wheat prices resulted in price increases on our products, and now we’re very pleased to share news of a price decrease with you. While wheat prices remain high, we were able to purchase the high-quality U.S.-grown and -milled wheat we require for King Arthur flours at a better average price than last year. This means we can bring down the price of our flour – the flour you’ve come to depend on for your best-ever baking – and save you a little dough!

King Arthur Flour is lowering the price we charge our retail partners for our four home-baking flours sold at grocery stores nationwide. The price decrease, effective August 1, 2008, means that grocery stores will pay less for King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour, King Arthur Unbleached Bread Flour, King Arthur Traditional 100% Whole Wheat Flour, and King Arthur Unbleached White Whole Wheat Flour. We hope grocery stores that raised their prices during the past year will be able to pass along the new lower prices to you, their shoppers.

You can be assured that King Arthur Flour is not compromising on product quality. We’re still providing the best-performing flour you’ll find, as we have since 1790; on that we will never waver.

During this time of significant price increases in virtually every area, we are grateful to be able to offer you, our loyal customers, some relief to your food budgets so you can keep more money in your wallets.

We appreciate your continued support, and we hope you will find much comfort and sustenance in the joyful tradition of home baking.

Michael Bittel
Senior VP/General Manager, Flour


Tom Payne is the Director of Marketing for the King Arthur Flour Company, Norwich, VT. Tom has nearly 10 years experience marketing in the baking industry and several years working as a baker himself.


  1. bridget

    This is awesome…and unheard of! I just came home from a “quick” trip to the grocery store to pick up a “few things” and am back $92 lighter. I appreciate the lower prices very much!

    We’re doing what we can to keep them lower…Just remember that you’re ahead of the game by baking from scratch. -TP

  2. Mike T.

    As am I! All we hear on the news is doom and gloom. As always, KAF is a ray of sunshine! 🙂

    Thanks Mike. We could use some sunshine. It’s been a rainy couple weeks in Vermont. -TP

  3. deb

    YEA!!!!! Fantastic news. Thanks for letting us know. I just bought a bag of the KA bread flour today. No other flours will do for me 😉
    I buy all 3 that you mentioned.

    Thanks Deb. Actually we mentioned four…can I interest you in a new flour!? Good luck with the bread baking. -TP

  4. chris

    This is very welcome news. I just bought KA bread flour today; it is the only brand that I use.

    Chris, we thank you for your continued patronage. We do not take it for granted. -TP

  5. Leah

    Thank you for the good news. Since I am lucky to be recently retired, I’ve had the time to go back to a long-time love– bread baking. Your flours and recipes are they best. A lot of my breads come from your sourdough starter and they’re wonderful. I recently took a big crusty loaf of sourdough with the additions of olive oil, garlic, oregano and peccorino romano cheese to my local bicycle shop friends to share. Forget the knife and breadboard–it was gone before I got back out the door!
    Thank you all for your commitment to great products.

    Thanks Leah. We’ll do our part to help you keep baking! Best of luck. -TP

  6. Suzie

    Wonderful news I have posted it on my website. Great to share this with my fellow foodies.

    Thanks Suzie. Good news is the best kind to share! -TP

  7. Marion

    This is one of the reasons I use King Arthur – because I trust not only the integrity of the flour but the integrity of the employee run business! My aunt lives outside of Hanover and I have been fortunate to visit the KA store several times and I’ve been a fan for a long time. I may be in Atlanta but I don’t use that flower flour you see down here 🙂

    Thanks Marion. Watch for our logo at Taste of Atlanta this October. We’ll be partnering with Taste of the South magazine on their Tastmakers Tour in support of the event. We hope others in the South will soon feel as strongly about KAF as you. -TP

  8. Marj

    Thank You! Thank You! I have been watching for sales and have a few in my freezer. I have to check this out in the store soon!!

    Let us know what you find. We don’t have any real control over retail prices. We do hope that those retailers who raised our flour prices earlier this year will now be able to lower them. Bear in mind, your retailer is dealing with higher costs on thousands of items. -TP

  9. Linda

    I bought KA flour last week and it was considerably higher priced than other brands at Food Lion. I will bring in a copy of your report to them and hope that they consider changing their prices or at least send it into their main office. Their supply of KA flour had been low so I thought it reflected the usual increase in prices in the store. In some cases KA was twice the price of other flours! I considered buying from the catelog and paying the shipping! I hope that whot you propose to do with grochery chains will come true and I will check other stores in my area.

  10. R

    Good! I stopped buying KA flour a while back when I saw it priced over $5 a bag, but if it’s coming back down, I can probably start doing so again.

    Well, thank you – from me and my fellow 167 employee-owners at King Arthur Flour! – PJH

  11. Marj

    TP – I was at the local stores ( a couple of them), they still sell for $4.99 as usual. No price reduction yet.

    Thanks for checking Marj. It can take as long as 30 days for a price change to get through the retailer’s systems. It sounds like several stores and chains have already begun lowering them. -TP

  12. James

    For those of you who live near a Super WalMart- you can find KA flour there for around $3.89 a bag! I noticed this when I went home to Georgia this summer and couldn’t believe that I could get KA cheaper in Georgia than I could in Vermont!

    P.S. Why is it more expensive to buy KA flour at their own store than it is at the grocery? Just curious…

    Hi James – prices at our own store are more expensive because (believe it or not) the grocery store distributors are less expensive than the retail distributors we deal with. We have to purchase King Arthur Flour just like any other store (even though we buy it from ourselves!), and it’s just one of the funny vagaries of business accounting… Hope this helps. For further information, I’d ask one of the ladies at the store; perhaps they could help you. PJH

  13. Cheryl

    I live in Georgia and the Super Walmart that I go to normally does not have KA flour. I will consider checking another Super Walmart. I will also go to two chains here and speak with the manager regarding the reduction. Thanks for the information.

  14. Mike T.

    Well, just hit my local grocery stores. One of them lowered the price by $.50 for the 5lb bag! The other hasn’t done anything as yet…

    Still, works for me! 😉

    That’s great news, Mike. Every little bit helps. -TP

  15. Mary G

    I noticed the price reduction at our local Super-Wal-Mart right away. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Baking our own bread at least once a week is a must. (My hubby dearly loves homemade bread.) I have a “Zo” bread machine that I use for mixing up my doughs, and do the baking in our oven. It really frees up my time in the kitchen, and lets me multi-task.

    Very good news, Mary. I agree, homemade bread is the best! -TP

  16. Diane Sholly

    It’s hard to believe wheat prices jumped so high and we are paying almost double for a 5lb. bag of KA flour at the market. I just thought you took advantage of the fact that everything else was going up due to gas prices that seem to affect everything. I personally stopped buying KA flour when it hit $3.99 for 5 lb. and eventhough the flour is the best I can’t justify the price. I don’t think your customer is the average person, but the consumer who buys high end products so regardless of the price I think those folks will continue to buy KA. The flour is still $4.59 in our area.

    Diane, wheat prices jumped 400% in less than a year. Of course, we couldn’t raise our flour prices 400%, so we worked really hard to create new efficiencies in other areas. Now, we managed to buy some less expensive wheat, and we’re passing the savings along to the grocery stores, with the hope that they’ll pass them along to you, our customers. I’m sorry you had to stop buying KA; personally, I think of it this way: it’s still less than $1/lb. and there aren’t many foods you can find that cost less than $1 a pound these days. Especially one that’s as top-quality as King Arthur Flour. After all, I can’t afford to buy the best car in the world, or the best jewelry, or even eat at the best restaurant, or buy the best beef or exotic fruit. But I CAN afford to buy the best flour in the world, even when it goes to $1/lb. I get about 6 loaves of bread out of a bag of flour – that’s less than $1 loaf. Now that’s VALUE.

    Thanks for your input, Diane, and I hope your grocery store lowers the price of KA soon. -PJH

  17. Linda C, again

    I go to my close- by grochery store in a few minites to give them a copy of your proposasl to large retailers. I was excited to read the bolgs about Wall-Mart as ours in this city does carry KA flour. I will report on their prices. I think that the local store might come down on their prices of KA with the competition so close. Wish me luck and I would be happy to take some KA flour back to you Northeners as we plan a trip to VT in a few weeks! Just pay my gasoline costs! If possible and the weather cooperates (what rainstorms you are having) I hope to visit your new carpeted retail store.

    Good luck, Linda – and thanks for helping us out with those prices! Have fun in Vermont – our gas prices right now are about $3.88, with as low as $3.71 across the river in NH. Our new UNcarpeted store (composite wood floor) awaits your arrival! – PJH

  18. Linda C.

    I SAW, I saw the floor in your pictures. Lovely. I gave a copy of your stuff about the flour prices to the district manager who happened to be there and he looked at it with great interest and will take it to the office. He thanked me very politely, as all employees in that store do. They are polite southeners down here. Today’s price of KA flours was $4.33 for 5lb.bag, better than some other parts of the USA. Gas prices here arouond the Smoky Mts. are a little bit better than VT. but then it might have something to do with taxes in this state. I just voled today in some sort of a primary and city election so I am politically minded. We do have to pay taxes on food purchases depending on the city and state rates. The state governments have to get money so they can provide services to the citizens and other countries might be worse off than we are so I won’t complain We will support whatever state we travel in so that they will provide well for its citizens.

  19. LindyD

    That’s great news. I’m down to my last 20# of KA bread flour and look forward to the lower prices…when they hit here.

  20. Ilene K.

    I had been in despair that, lately, the price of flour on sale has been higher than the regular shelf price was a year or so ago. I go through a lot of flour every year, so every penny counts. Thanks, KA, for passing your savings on to us.

  21. James

    PJH- when you explain the flour prices in your store like that I guess it makes sense- if Wal-Mart buys in huge quantities they can sell it cheaper. Either way, I am buying KA wherever I go as I think it is the best flour I have used! I just picked up a 10# bag so I can have a pizza party tomorrow for some friends!

    Thanks for your loyalty, James – enjoy the pizza! – PJH

  22. Ricky Lynn

    Thank you, Michael! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this good news. I’m so well-stocked-up with King Arthur Flour, I need a whole new room just to house it! (LOL!)

    King Arthur is the best!


  23. David

    Do you have a store locater? Where can I purchase King Arthur in the Detroit area? Thanks.

    David, I’ve forwarded your request to our flour division, and hopefully they’ll get back to you tomorrow.- PJH

  24. Ina

    Thank you. Unfortunately, my local Food Lion has stopped carrying King Arthur Flour. Now I’ll have to look elsewhere.
    Hi Ina, Do you have a Walmart or Whole Foods nearby? They both carry our flours. You might also check out the store locator at – this might bring up another store near you that carries our flours as well. Good luck! Tara, The Baker’s Hotline

  25. Malinda

    Great News for all of us home bakers!!…we buy our flour from Resturant Depot, just bought a 50lb bag of KA for 19.99!! We will need to buy another bag soon, will report if the price has gone down. We use TOOO much to buy the smaller bags; we have a wood fired oven in the back yard; we bake 4 – 6 loafs of bread per week and make lots of brick oven pizzas. We also have very happy neighbors.

    Whoa, Malinda, where do you live? I’ll be right over for some of that pizza! – PJH

  26. B. Mastel

    I get news about the wheat market from my birthplace in the prarie states. The facts are that growers get just a small portion of the price charged for either a bag of flour or loaf of bread. Their quote “More than 80 percent of the retail cost of a loaf of bread …is attributable to transportation, processing, marketing, packaging and labor costs.” I hope that King Arthur company can at least keep some of the extra revenue from the sales of your fine products. As a shopper, I can accept higher prices if I know that the profits are going to the folks who most deserve them. Thanks!

    Thanks so much – as an employee-owned business, we run things as efficiently and effectively as possible, without ever compromising our high standards and the quality of our product. King Arthur Flour’s mission is to be America’s premier home baking resource, and that means not only flour, but baking tools, ingredients, and education (my favorite part). Education includes great recipes, and everything that accompanies them – our Baking Education Center, our national baking classes and Life Skills program (teaching middle-schoolers to bake bread and share with the hungry in their community), our Bakers’ Hotline, AND this blog. Did you know King Arthur Flour is the largest educator of home bakers in the world? I’m very proud of that… Sharing the joy, we call it. Cheers – and thanks so much for your loyalty. – PJH

  27. Marya

    I will print this notice out and share it with my grocers in Columbus Ohio, as they seem not to have shared the price decrease with us.

  28. Nancy

    The Super Walmart here ( Monument, CO) has dropped the price of KA All Purpose and Bread Flour to $2.68 for a five pound bag. Unfortunately, the shelf was EMPTY when I went… I guess I am not the only one here stocking up. I will keep checking back.

  29. Sue Hoffman

    I love your blogs, altho they are dangerous – I spend too much time reading them! I am pleased to report that I won a blue ribbon and BEST OF SHOW at our county fair with my hamburger buns, using KA flour and the English Muffin Rings I recently acquired from you. It’s almost embarrassing to win best of show with humble little hamburger buns but I think the quality of KA flour shows through and helped sway the judges! As to the price of your flours, I won’t use anything else. I do have to mail order in order to get the 25# sacks, so I just time it to take advantage of your frequent “free shipping” offers.

  30. Diane H K

    Can you clarify: If I read correctly further up in this thread, the price drop will NOT be reflected at the KAF store in Norwich?

    We’re driving up from northwestern MA in the next two weeks to “stock up” on items from the store (I’m a home baker, and my mother owns a Bed & Breakfast), which we do once or twice yearly. We buy the 5# bags of KAF at our local BJs store in Greenfield, MA, but like to drive up to the Mother Ship for specialty items we can’t find locally.

    Diane, not sure about the store. Give them a call – 802-649-3361, to check on their current flour prices. Have fun at the Mother Ship! -PJH

  31. Monica

    Hey! I just bought more flour today, and pretty much weekly and I am still paying the same price that its been, what gives?

    Monica, talk to the store manager, see what’s up. We lowered our price to them Aug. 1 – now it’s up to them to lower their price to you. – PJH

  32. Annapurna

    Way to go, KAF! I am addicted to baking and the next time I roll up my sleeves it will be that much more enjoyable.

  33. Diane Tavoian

    Is the website the only place to get the larger bags (25#) of unbleached flour? Is that price going down? I live about 60 miles from a decent store that carries KAF (sorry, I avoid Wal-Mart like the plague that it is).

    Diane, we sell 25# bags of our unbleached flour at supermarkets – not ALL supermarkets, but those that choose to carry it. Other than that, yes, our Web site is where you’d get it. Yes, as of 8/4 our price went down from $21.95 to $19.95. PJH

  34. Dana Booth

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! Prices in Tucson had got to $6/bag of KAF AP flour. We just moved to Salem, OR and I saw your flour for under $4/bag at a couple of places!

    Wow. Thanks for passing your savings back to the consumer. I knew you guys were great 🙂


  35. Dawn Wilde

    I want to say thanks so much for lowering your prices. My son is highly sensitive to artificial dyes, flavorings, and preservatives, so it is critical that we use all-natural, mostly organic foods. He is also sensitive to corn syrup, so for him to have a sandwich, I have to make him a loaf of bread. I buy your flour constantly and was chagrined to see the price jump to $6/5 lb bag at our store. I was very happy to see during yesterday’s trip that it was much lower. Fearing another price increase, I stocked up!! =) Thank you for being open with customers and for working hard to pass on savings to us. Your willingness to do that means we will be customers for life.
    Dawn Wilde, southern Virginia

    Thanks for your loyalty, Dawn. We will always work to ensure that our customers get the best flour in the world with as fair a shake on the price as we can possibly manage. – PJH

  36. MB

    oh, YAY!!! i’m building a home baking business, and KA is the only flour i use…but i COULD NOT pay $4.99 a bag last week. sadly, i used another brand, and i was unhappy with the results. i can’t wait to see the price decreases…but i’m thinking that i will just suck it up in the meantime and buy it anyways. the quality is unsurpassed. thanks!!

  37. Lynn

    Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your whole wheat flour and your Classic 100% Whole Wheat Bread recipe. My guys get excited when they come in and know by the smell that I’ve been baking bread again! 🙂 I also wanted to ask your permission to share the recipe with my friends and readers via my blog, giving you guys complete credit of course and linking back to your web-site. Would that be ok?

    Thanks for your kind comments, Lynn. And absolutely – share away. That’s what King Arthur Flour is all about — sharing the creative joy of baking. – PJH

  38. ML

    I live in a very small town in south Texas and was so pleased when our grocery store started carrying King Arthur flour. I had been ordering it on-line for quite awhile. I only used King Arthur flour and very much appreciate that you care about us the consumer. When you do right by your clients you get it back good things 10 fold. Thanks for having such a fine product.

  39. margaret sanguiliano

    thank you, this is unheard of in todays prices, King Arthur is the only flour I use, I bake all the time for my children & grand children. They love the bread that comes out of the oven from my cloche baker
    thank you for a wonder web site and the products you offer. I look foward to the comming fall & holiday baking & kING Arthur makes it so injoyable


  40. Nancy

    I just went to Super Target, yesterday, and the price of the Sir Lancelot bread flour was $6.79! Apparently, they didn’t get the message!

  41. Debera

    I don’t mean to be out of touch. However, I really never noticed the price of King Arthur Flour, why? Because I have never used anything but King Arthur Flour for over 23 yrs. I trust it no matter what I may try to bake. Most recently, my son’s are grown now and baking to me is relaxing so I have pulled out my Kitchen Aide Mixer and started making homemade cakes. I use to make cakes until the boy’s got into cookies, cup cakes etc. Now it is my turn to bake cakes, bread’s whatever warms the heart. I must thank the Master Baker who answered my call the other day aft my attempt to make the Yellow Cake failed. And a suggestion to those of us who are novices. Check your ingredients and the dates on them. My cake was ruined by old baking powder. So off I go to clean out my cabinets and restock with only fresh product’s. I am going to get the vanilla among other products from King Arthurs Store.

  42. Andrea

    Hmm…I can’t find KAF anywhere in Wisconsin where I live. I’ve grown up using (and trusting) Gold Medal, mainly because the only other brands I’ve seen are store brand, and Bob’s Red Mill (which there is NO WAY I’m paying what they’re asking for for flour. Nuh uh. *shakes head*).

    Besides ordering KAF, is there a list somewhere that I can find retailers that might stock this in the Burlington, WI area?

    Andrea, I’ve forwarded your question to our Flour team, and they should be contacting you directly. Thanks for your interest! – PJH

  43. Joseph

    I wanted to order some bags of KA unbleached self rising flour the other day and it was not listed anymore on your website. Have you discontinued making KA unbleached self rising flour?

    Yes, Joseph, discontinued. Sales weren’t strong enough to continue it. Sorry! You can make your own, though, using 1 1/2 teaspoons of our non-aluminum baking powder and 1/4 teaspoon salt (optional) to 1 cup of our unbleached all-purpose flour to make 1 cup self-rising flour. -PJH

  44. karen price

    I am glad to hear the news of lower prices, however, since we live in a rather void market, and this town is run by only two stores, the prices are sky high, and the prices of the KA flour remains at record levels. How can they come to reflect the new KA lower prices? I usualy end up ordering KA since even if I have to pay shipping, its still cheaper than at the local store. Can KA send a reminder to these two stores???? Its the ‘price’ we pay for living in a non-competitive area. Sad…….

    Karen, I’ll forward this along to our flour sales team. Perhaps they’ll contact you to find out what stores you’re talking about, and give those stores a nudge in the right direction -PJH

  45. Andrea

    ITA with Karen! I started shopping at our local Sentry in Burlington, WI, and KA flour (bread flour, wheat, and all purpose – only 3 they carry) were 7.95 a bag!!!! Had I not had a coupon for a free bag of flour, I honestly would’ve finished choking on my iced tea in another aisle.

    I honestly cannot afford that, not with a $40 grocery budget per week! *sigh* I’ve heard rave reviews about how much better this flour is than Gold Medal, but I’m going to have to stick with GM until prices come down (drastically) in my area. Yowch!

    I guess what I find so frustrating about this is that companies like KA are being proactive and are trying to retain customer loyalty in this recession when folks can’t always afford to be brand loyal. I respect that. What makes me angry is the blatant overpricing our stores do on products. Thank goodness I’m a great couponer and know how to stockpile and shop sales – otherwise, that $40 grocery budget a week (for 2 adults and one 1 year old) would be more like $80!

    Maybe because I’m only 26 and don’t remember the recession of the 80s is why I am so shocked. I dunno. Either way, I’ve got to find a way to get some KA flour for a reasonable price. 🙂

    Andrea, are there any WalMarts around? That would probably be your best bet… Sorry we’re unable to control the supermarket pricing. PJH

  46. Andrea

    Hey PJ and others –

    Yeah, I know you can’t control supermarket pricing. I sure wish I could!! I’m mostly frustrated with the supermarkets – I know costs HAVE risen for some products that we just can’t avoid. But what is so frustrating is that some of the mark-ups are ridiculous. For example, Red Star yeast jars are normally about 3.95 at my local Wal-Mart Supercenter. At my local Pick N Save, they’re DOUBLE that.

    I’m just going to start ordering my flour online – I’m really impressed with the whole wheat flour I got; it is truly a lovely flour! I’d go check my local Walmart for KA flour, but we’re deep in Gold Medal country here – I was hard pressed to find ONE store carrying KA flour! But I’ll be sticking with you folks at KA; my husband won’t eat homemade wheat bread normally, but with a recipe I found on the bag and some patient baking, he LOVES it. I don’t know what the difference is, but it HAS to be the flour!

    Pretty please, can you do a blog post on baking to cut costs and avoid processed foods like canned biscuits, packaged bread, etc?

    Andrea, I’ve done a biscuit blog. And lots of bread blogs. Cruise through some of the older ones, I think you’ll find lots of good stuff… PJH

  47. Katie

    I have just found 5lb bread flour at Henry’s in Costa Mesa, CA yesterday. I was so happy.but the prices are quite high, it was 6.99. I live in pasadena, CA in fact. But nearby trader joe don’t carry KA Bread flour. I don’t know any store nearby carry KA bread flour.

  48. Audrey Binder

    A couple of days after reading this blog the prices in the southeast Michigan area went from $4.69/bag to $3.99/bag for the unbleached AP flour and bread flour. We have Meijer stores that I buy from. The Wal Mart did not have KA AP flour though. They had other KA flours available but they really mix all different brands for different types of flour. 🙂

  49. shelle

    This is the best news ever! I was shocked when the price went from $4 a bag to almost $8 at my local store. Thank you so much.

  50. Robert

    Today, I went to our local Stop and Shop, here in CT, to get my usual 10 pounds of self-rising flour (2 bags), but saw a bare shelf and no tag! I went to the customer service desk and asked what happened. The clerks, maybe in their late teens or early twenties, both young women, at first sincerely did not even know what flour was (I am not kidding), and thought I needed to visit the florist part of the store to find what I was looking for. I then had to patiently, but briefly explain what flour was, and finally explain the distinction about self-rising flour. Watching them slowly grasp the concept of baking with flour (and I could tell they were not “putting me on” about it), I was stunned to realize that they probably have never cooked in their lives (other than maybe microwave popcorn, etc.), and only eat prepared foods or take out. (Or maybe I unwittingly stepped into the dimension of the Twilight Zone, and it’s all only a bad dream.) They kindly took my name and number for the store manager to call me, but doubting that we would ever get a call, I Googled the product, tonight, and wound up here. To my dismay, I see you will no longer make the stuff. Our homemade Maine family recepie blueberry muffins will no longer be the same! Ditto for all the other yummy cakes and goodies we make for our children from scratch with your awesome self-rising flour. I understand the effort to save costs, in light of 400% wheat price increases, locust invasions, climate change, and possibly flaming hailstones from the sky, but hope you will reconsider this travesty in the kitchen! Maybe offer a test run, a direct sales campaign from your website? How much volume is too little to be practical, or a public service for your devoted customers? Seeing those two clerks, I think I may better appreciate the marketing challenge you face every day. For what it’s worth, I have also noticed a narrowing selection of other cooking basics in the grocery stores, and I have to special order more items that used to be commonplace, for example: fines herbs, which is on back order from our local natural food store (forget asking the chains to carry it). The irony is that as stores get more and more square feet over the years, they seem to carry fewer and fewer essentials. That, and they constantly move store layouts. Please counter these gloomy national trends and reconsider offering your wonderful self-rising flour directly to customers. My wife and children will also thank you.

    You can make your own self-rising flour by adding 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon of salt to 1 cup of KAF all purpose flour.

    Hi Robert – I’m sorry you’re going to miss our self-rising flour! As one of my fellow bakers above notes, you can make your own – and I highly recommend our Maine Bakewell Cream baking powder, which includes no aluminum, giving it a nicer flavor. Also, you can cut back the salt from 1/2 teaspoon per cup to 1/4 teaspoon, for a lower-salt version. There simply aren’t enough people puschasing self-rising flour anymore – either in the supermarkets, or on our Web site. We tried for a good long while, but in the end sales just didn’t warrant keeping it going, especially with shelf space in the supermarket so difficult to procure. I hope you go ahead and make your own so you can continue to enjoy those blueberry muffins! – PJH

  51. Heike Sellers

    That is great to hear, but I doubt the stores are lowering their prices. Suddenly the prices in stores almost doubled up to $4.29 per bag of King Arthur flour. I love this flour. It is the best substitute for my German recipes. I use it for everything, plus, no other flour company has White Whole Wheat flour, with which I can fool any picky neighbor kid. My kids love the fuller, good breads, but the others all need everything as light as possible. Well, the stores have not reduced their prices in the least, nor have I seen any sales. They probably know I would be buying up all the flour that my house can hold…

    Heike, many stores had raised prices well above $5/lb. before dropping back down to the upper $4 range, so maybe your local store kept it low for quite some time and then raised it. $4.29 is actually pretty moderate right now… Thanks so much for your loyalty! -PJH

  52. Jami F.

    So glad to hear this news and I applaud KAF for being so responsive and sensitive. However, so far, the raised prices on KAF at my grocery stores have not lowered since 8/1/08. Hum.

  53. Malinda

    Happy to report back we went to resturant depot last night and picked up our 50lb bag of KA and it is now $17.07 down from $19.99.


  54. Catrinka

    Well, Thanks for lowering the price, but I have not seen the savings at my local retailer. The price for KAF, all-purpose 5lb., was 4.59 and shot up to 6.29. I only use KAF flour for my baking. I will be placing an order soon from your shopping service. Even with the shipping, I am saving. Thanks for a quality product.

  55. Cheyenne

    Hi my name is Cheyenne i am 11 years old looking for facts about why we should lower food prices in stores this is for a school project and i cant find any so please help me if so thanx.

    LUV LUV,

    Hi Cheyenne: In my opinion, food prices in stores have to be fair to everyone. To the farmers who produce the food, the manufacturers who package it, the truckers and railroaders who carry it across the country, the stores that sell it, AND all of us who eat it. Sometimes that means food prices can be lowered, if someone along the line is making too much money. But sometimes it means prices have to go up, as when the farmer finds it’s much more expensive to grow wheat one year than it was the year before, and bread prices have to go up. Of course it would be nice if food prices could be lowered, all food prices in all stores; that way everyone could eat healthy food, and no one should go hungry. But it’s not realistic to expect that to happen, unfortunately. I hope this helps you with your project. Good luck! And luv luv luv back to you – PJH

  56. Bryan

    We’re not rich by any means, but when it comes to baking, there IS NO compromise on brands. King Arthur Flour has been in our family since the 1920s and THAT won’t change. KAF is THE best – bar none!!

    Thanks so much, Bryan – as always. PJH

  57. Carina

    I really like KA Flour, but I just bought 2 5# bags and oh my the cost. I only use it for baking bread, when it gets so high. I found I can get by if I mix a cheaper flour with it. 1/2 c. cheap to 2 1/2 c. KA flour Here are some of the prices in our town. 9/13/08 $4.59, 12/17/08 $3.49, 1/29/09 $4.19, 4/8/09 $2.99, I should have filled the freezer at this time. 7/1/09 $4.29. I have a very good recipe which has the texture of boughten bread and it is very good. I kept experiment and finally came up with what I really like. It has an egg, instant potatoes and butter added to it and I cut out the milk. When you use the instant potatoes, you will need to cut back with the flour. I remember my mom would use potato water. After I started to use the instant potato I got the better quality bread. I am alone, so I slice it and put wax paper between the layers and place in a ziplock bag, this way I only need to take out a slice at a time. I never buy bread and love giving it away. My greatgrand get a loaf on their birthday, but they need to share. They can’t wait until it is their birthday.

  58. Haley

    I absolutely love your products. Having used other flour brands in the past, I am so happy I came back to King Arthur. There is such a big difference! Thank you for looking out for all of us in this current economic crisis.

  59. Robert Byrne

    I just returned from Ireland and would love to lay my hands on some KA whole meal flour. I live in Canada near The US border . IS KA flour available in any stores in Buffalo?

    Need to have some more of that good Irish bread, eh? KA Flour is available in most national supermarket chains, but not the wholemeal flour; probably just the traditional whole wheat, perhaps the white wheat. Irish Wholemeal Flour is available from us online here, though – hope this helps. PJH

  60. Bill H

    Why have Wal-Mart stores stopped carrying your product especially the bread flour.?I have been using your product for years, now Wal-Mart no longer carries bread flour.

    1. PJ Hamel

      Bill, your best bet is to ask to speak to the grocery manager at your local Wal-Mart, and request that it be brought back. They have access to it; some stores just choose to to carry it. Hope you can get them to bring it back — PJH

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