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Our new print advertising campaign this fall focuses on the value of King Arthur Flour.

Here at King Arthur Flour, we believe “value” still refers to the worth of something, not how cheap it is. And we believe our customers agree. So while our flour may cost a little bit more than some of the other brands you see on supermarket shelves, we know it’s a good value, because you get what you pay for: the consistent performance of King Arthur Flour yields exceptional results whenever you invest your time and ingredients in baking.

What’s more, we back our superior flour with a host of resources developed from our more than two centuries of baking experience, from free recipes to expert advice, to help make your baking the best it can be.

Now we want to hear what you think. Tell the world why YOU choose King Arthur Flour. Please post your comment below – and thanks for participating in the conversation.

Allison Furbish

Allison Furbish is a native of the Upper Valley, where King Arthur Flour is based, and an avid lifelong baker especially enthusiastic about anything chocolate.


  1. Amber

    I choose KAF because it’s always consistant and delicious. I get raves on everything I bake, and I like knowing where it comes from. Plus, it’s not really THAT much more expensive than the other suff!

  2. Katie

    I buy it because it’s made in the USA by a company owned by the workers. The fact that your flour makes delicious foods is the icing on the cake (or bread). 🙂

  3. Trish

    I’d love to order more from KA since we only get the most basic KA products here in our grocery stores. I just wish there was a way to bring down those scary shipping costs – I have placed orders on so many websites only to cancel them out when I see how much the shipping + tax is. I’d be willing to wait a little longer for a product shipped by a slower method if the costs could be brought down. Just a thought …

  4. chocolatechic

    I used KAF for several reasons.

    1. It is made in the USA.

    2. Your products are consistent.

    3. You stand by your products, and I know that it has been tested over and over again.

  5. Mike T.

    I chose KAF for the above reasons, and because there are times when I want/need more than just a bag of flour. With KAF there is always someone that can help answer questions, give advice or teach me something new.

    I’ve taken 2 “KAF Vacations” to attend the “Introduction to International Pastries” and “The Fundamentals of Bread Baking”, both of which have been invaluable, and so much more enjoyable than sitting on a beach somewhere!

    The people there are friendly and helpful, and really know their stuff. Best value to be found in the baking aisle!

  6. Mark Wisecarver

    1) I know KAF for quality, wholesomeness, perfection and intelligent packaging.
    2) The KAF name-brand is attractive, looks good, makes us look good. 😉
    God’s blessings to each of you.
    Mark Wisecarver
    Johnson City, TN

    P.S. The local Walmarts have started carrying KAF AP and Wheat, but no Bread flour yet. Keep asking the store manager to carry it.

  7. cindy leigh

    Ditto the above posts. I do believe the quality is tops, and I appreciate the employee-owned nature of the business. But my real loyalty comes from the employee-owners’ interactions with their customers. From the terrific blog, to the bulletin boards, to the exceptional customer service (those folks on the phones are awesome!).
    I love that the blog is not just one way. The authors respond to many posts – not many blogs do that. You all have a wonderful way of presenting your advice and info – like a girlfriend next door or an aunt who knows all the family recipes. You guys are, well, REAL!
    When you have to have a price increase, you tell us WHY- and when market conditions improve, you adjust your prices back down. You show us your integrity.
    Oh by the way, you’re great writers, too. I love some of the back-stories that accompany the recipes.
    I really like you, not just your great products!

    Cindy, I don’t know you, or where you are, or anything about you, except – I feel like we’re friends. How crazy is that? Baking bonds us – baking, and the written word, and our ability to communicate so quickly. I LOVE THIS. Thanks for connecting so regularly – maybe someday we’ll actually meet! (You’re not near NYC, are you? KA is having classes and a “baking meetup” October 4 weekend in NYC, and I’m going down…) 🙂 PJH

  8. Kate

    I’ll be honest: I had never heard of King Arthur until just a little over a year ago, and before that, I used whatever I picked up at the store. I started using KA and was more than pleased with its consistent quality and taste difference. I like buying from a product line that I KNOW is made in the USA, and enjoy being able to choose from many different products (whitewheat, whole wheat, bread, wheat bread, etc). The blog is also a big seller – I like knowing that there are real people doing this work, not machines testing the batches, and that if I have questions, y’all are there.

    Just a company I can really get behind. 🙂

  9. Chuck

    I read on the Blog, that a lady had ran out of time, and skipped the second rise for No-Knead bread. So I tried, and it works perfectly. I now take the dough from the initial rise and scrape it into my Pyrex casserole dish, pop on the lid and turn on the oven. No pre bake, just bake away for 30 min @450 deg; uncover for 15 min more, and out comes a perfect Artisan loaf. 2 cups KAF Bread Flour and 1 cup KAF White Whole Wheat, and the flavorings of choice. Thanks KAF

  10. Marina

    I use King Arthur flour because it is always quality.

    I experiment a lot with my baking, so it’s really important to me to be able to discount “poor ingredients” as a reason for a not-so-quality result.

    Science makes me use KAF.

  11. Diane Cotton

    I use KAF because I know it is a wholesome product sold by an American employee owned company. The pride the company has for all their products is becoming rare in the business world. I can trust KAF for the quality I expect when I bake for my family and friends. No other flour offers the consistent results I find with KAF. My baked goods are simply better tasting and higher quality with King Authur Flour! I take pride in presenting only the best when I serve my baked goods!

  12. Deanna

    I use King Arthur Flour because:
    1. I know I will get a consistent end product when I bake with it
    2. I use a lot of KAF recipes and can be assured I will get great results because the recipes were tested using KAF
    3. Several baking books I have read recommend KAF in their recipes – most recently Artisan Breads in 5 min a day and Bakewise)
    4. I can get it whenever I need it from my local grocery store
    5. I respect KAF company because of its quality of products and its family-like atmosphere
    6. I love the Baker’s Banter!

  13. Erin in PA

    I use KA Flour because it really does make a difference in my baking. I used to use unbleached flour, but whatever was on sale. I started reading Baker’s Banter, and tried the flour – my breads and baked goods are better for it! I also really appreciate the fact that the company is owned by the employees and that the wheat is grown and manufactured in the USA – it’s so important to know where your food comes from! I also wanted to say that I won the county fair (and am headed to my state Farm Show) using your flour in my recipe – THANKS! 🙂 Way to go ,Erin! Congrats! mary @ KAF

  14. Carla

    I choose King Arthur Flour because:

     The results are consistently excellent.

     I know that there is always an expert just a phone call away should I have a question or run into problems.

     When I order from King Arthur Flour I know that they will ALWAYS stand by their product.

     King Arthur staff use and test the products offered in the catalogs so I know that I am not just buying the latest “greatest” product from “X” company. King Arthur Flour is my testing and vetting center.

    I could go on but I would bore you to tears…If you are on here as a lurker or a poster you already know why King Arthur Flour is the greatest!

  15. Brenda

    I use KAF because it gives consistent results. Made bread at my brother’s with another brand of unbleached all-purpose flour, and it didn’t come out nearly as well as usual. It never did feel right, and the texture of the finished loaf was wrong.

  16. Nicole Shugars

    I agree with all that’s been said already and truly believe that what you put into your baking (quality products, great advice, and of course a love of something homemade) is what yields the tremendous results. I love to bake (I’m sure you’ve never heard that before) and love the accolades that come when someone truly enjoys what I’ve made. When they ask why does mine taste different than theirs — its truly the exceptional ingredients and no compromises on quality ingredients (substitutions perhaps…but that’s part of the fun!). Thank you for making all of this possible and for providing your customers with the good quality ingredients and excellent advice …

  17. Erin @ One Particular Kitchen

    I can’t remember now what led me to pick up my first bag of King Arthur Flour in the grocery store. I can tell you that I’ve never picked up another brand since then! I hope it doesn’t sound cheesy to say that it feels like I’m a teensy part of the family now. I not only know that my flour will consistently do exactly what I expect it to do, but I know that anything I order from KAF comes with tips, advice, and help at the ready. I know that I can pick up the phone at any time to get help if I need it. I know that I’m getting a consistent level of nutrition in my family. Heck, I even know that PJ took the time to comment on my food blog when it was just getting started. 🙂

    I was discussing kneading methods with a friend the other day; I told her my “method” is to put it in the stand mixer and walk away. I don’t have to check and recheck and adjust because I use KAF flour in KAF recipes, and I’ve never once been let down. Baking with a two year old in the kitchen means time is of the essence, and my time is never wasted with KAF flour.

  18. pc brown

    You got me first with “Never Bleached, Never Bromated”, You solidified me with classes, employee owned, being able to trace where and how the flour is grown, made, delivered, the website with recipes and the genuine feel of the company and customer relationship, basically knowing someone across the country really cares that their kid like the bread they make — it’s more than a profit we’re aiming at here.

    I *do* pay a higher price for KA in my local market than the “leading” brand, 28 cents more. To me that 28 cents has a good return.

    And yes, very effective ad campaign, now I want an apple pie.

  19. Allie

    I actually buy KAF products because I want to support this blog and recipe collection. 🙂 I’ve gotten two cookbooks, too. These resources are so helpful and my baking has improved considerably.

    I also love the help on the phone. I’ve only had to call to get the amount of yeast for the dog biscuit mix since it was missing from mine, but the person was so nice. It’s rare to have such cheerful people on the phone when you call for help with something.

    And then my dogs parked themselves in front of the oven and refused to move while their biscuits were baking… Obviously I will be buying dog biscuit mix from you for a good long time.

  20. Esther

    I love King Arthur Flour and am totally addicted to “Baker’s Banter.” I personally subscribe to eleven food/cooking blogs, and “Baker’s Banter” is my hands-down favorite!

    Please continue to inform your readers with such great information!

  21. Jac Lynn

    King Arthur Flour Rocks! Both as a product and as a company. The flour is consistently high quality, as is the company. I was so impressed when KAF started tweeting. The purpose is to promote the company and products, but I never feel spamed (twammed?) or sold to. The messages are always respectful of me as a baker and consumer. They are informative and fun to read. Keep up the great work!

  22. Larissa

    For me, baking is an act of generosity: it’s giving your time, your effort, your love to someone else. With King Arthur products I know I’m giving the best of myself (and the best of my pantry!) every time.

  23. Becky

    I choose KAF because of the wide variety of flours that I can find in a regular grocery store. KAF has a flour for anything I could imagine to create in my oven. I’m confident that the flour I’m buying is the healthiest for my family and baking at home is sure easier on our budgets.
    Thanks for making such great flour!

  24. Sandy

    Many years ago, I switched to KAF. I don’t remember what caused me to pick up a bag of KAF instead of buying whatever was available or on sale at the store. But from that first bag of KAF I was hooked. I noticed a difference in the things I made/baked with KAF. It was amazing…who knew!! I refuse to use any other flour, ever. I know when I get my bag of KAF that the consistent quality is there, backed up by a very responsive, customer-satisfaction oriented staff. The Baker’s Banter blog is so helpful and a great experience. Plus my trips to your store, when I am in the Northeast visiting the grands, is like making a pilgrimmage!! KAF is #1 in my baking book and always will be!

  25. LicksBowls

    I use KAF for everyone’s reasons above, but also for some of those moments of truth, moments of proof.

    For example, several times I have had extra flour on hand from another brand and decided to experiment with a comparison. I would bake half the recipe using KAF, and the other half using brand X, using all the same ingredients for everything else (got to be scientific).

    I’m emailing you photos of some cookies I made. Brand X came out flat and greasy; KAF’s came out plump, not greasy, and with a firm, nice crumb. Perfect. Thanks, KAF!


  26. little rhody baker

    The first time I ever walked into the KAF store, I stood stunned in front of the “wall of flour” and told my husband I’d have to walk around the store at least twice. WOW. Being from New England, I was already a KAF customer of long standing, but it was like walking into bakers’ heaven. The standing joke in our house is that Mom has to go back to Vermont and “worship at the wall” again.

    Quality ingredients = Quality results. Every time. Not that I don’t love finding a bargain, but it really isn’t a bargain to buy inferior ingredients. KAF products are consistently good – and the fact that it’s a local company owned by local people is the icing on the cake!

    Thank you. For the blog. For the products. For the commitment to quality. And for having fun with it!

  27. HMB

    Why do I love King Arthur Flour? I love the flour because I get consistently great results with it. I love the company because I feel like the people working there are kindred spirits — real people who like baking as much as I do, and who love to share their knowledge and experience. The flour, the recipes, the Baker’s Banter, the Baking Circle — they are an important part of my life because baking is an important part of my life: I nurture myself, my family and my friends through my baking, and KAF is part of that.

  28. Eric

    It’s easy; I choose KAF because it’s an authentic product, from the way it’s grown and packaged to the way it’s marketed and supported.

    1) The flour is consistent, not only from bag to bag, but across the country, which isn’t the case with other brands – they blend for regional variations in baking style, which has ruined a bunch of other great ingredients among people who were caught unawares.

    2) As a company, you’re about scratch baking – even your mixes are made with the same ingredients I’d use in my home. Compare this to what The Red Spoon is about or what the pale blob of canned biscuit dough in a toque and neckerchief stands for. Sure, they can put up a picture of delicious homemade baked goods, but when it comes down to it, the money in those organizations comes from Hamburger Helper and sciency-flavored refrigerated cookie dough. These are not friends I want to invite into my kitchen anymore; Betty’s pearls are fake, and The Doughblob is hiding quintuple bypass scars from the hydrogenated fats. Icky.

    3) The KAF kitchens turn out consistently excellent recipes that I can use as a departure point for my own creations. When y’all choose an ingredient, it feels like it’s because it’s the right ingredient, not because someone in the jam-jelly-and-floor-wax marketing department is behind for the year and needs a way to boost sales.

    I added this up years ago; the cost of a consistently excellent premium flour is *nothing* in the overall cost of baking at the level I do, and it’s *REALLY* nothing if you value your leisure time at even minimum wage.


  29. Sue

    The King Arthur Flour company provides products that are of the highest quality, and tested by real bakers. The company owners (the employees) want the company to do well so they always put their best effort into everything they do. What more can a consumer ask for?

  30. Janene

    The saying you get what you pay for is true! If you want a quality flour that is going to produce excellent results time after time, buy KAF. Once I tried the AP, I have never went back. The first thing I made was my tried and true yeast bread recipe. I could instantly feel the difference in the texture of my dough. I won’t buy anything else!

    I love the KAF community, I feel like I am connected to people just like me who love to bake. It’s evident that the people of KAF are passionate about what they do and it shows in everything, the web site, blog and catalog.

    Thanks for all you do! You’re the best!

  31. Pat

    I bake because it promotes and challenges my baking skills. I bake because I know the ingredients I serve in my finished product. I choose King Arthur Flour products because I get excellent results with wholesome products made in the USA. I am able to find outstanding items that are not available in my local area. King Arthur help resources are the best I have ever encountered. It is like having your own professional baker – thank you. Some day I will take The Fundamentals of Bread Baking if it is open to others than professional bakers.

  32. Maria

    I think I started using KAF out of curiosity, and kept using it b/c of the quality. I once ran out of KAF and made the same bread recipe using some other flour, that I had made the day before w/KAF. It rose only 1/2 as high! I saw a colleague’s KAF catalog at work and was fascinated by all the different products. THEN I found the blog (way back when you started it – I was waiting through the last months of pregnancy at the time…) I think I checked the blog almost as soon as we got home from the hospital with our son! I’m so amazed by how generously everyone at your company shares of their time and expertise. I do have 3 of your baking books, but I go to the website for recipes as often as I do the books. Your website is an incredible resource available to bakers at no cost. I’m happy to buy the flour even if it were only to support the website.

  33. Diane Stallings

    I have used KA flour for over 20 years, and even had it shipped to me in Germany when my husband was posted there. It was REALLY a pain to wait, for in those days, shipping of heavy packages was often by actual ship. But even my German neighbors were impressed with KA flour.

    Whenever I had a consumer issue with a product (never with the flour, btw), whoever took my called completely and immediately solved my problem to my satisfaction.

    Now that I live in a place where KA flour and just about anything else I want can be found, but I still shop with KA (major shopping when shipping is free!) primarily because it is a perfect example of a sustainable business owned by its employees. It is obvious by the quality of the products and the commitment of the workers that everyone is proud of King Arthur and proud to be working there. That attitude makes me proud to be a King Arthur customer.

  34. Dorothy

    I choose to bake with King Arthur Flour because I know I will be getting a high quality, consistent bag of flour every time. Customer service at KAF is wonderful, as are the recipes and blog. I can tell how much pride the employees at KAF have in their product and in the company they own. My questions always get answered, and in a very timely manner! You just can’t get that level of service from any flour company! Keep up the great work!

  35. dina

    I love the KAF blog. I love the catalog. I love the products offered.

    But I’ll admit something here. I haven’t bought the KAF flour (and some other items as well) because I can’t seem to find any information one way or the other as to whether the products are non-GMO or not. I’ve had a busy crazy summer – it was actually on my ‘to-do’ list to email or phone and ask specifically, but I’ve spent 17 of the last 30 days in the hospital, so it just didn’t happen.

    IF I were to learn that KAF were, indeed, non-GMO, I’d be buying it in a heartbeat!

    Beat – beat – beat… KAF signature flours are all non-GMO. Hope you’re out of the hospital and feeling better, Dina. PJH

  36. Fran

    Why do I use King Arthur Flour? That’s easy! If I’m going to go through the trouble of baking from scratch, I want to use only the finest ingredients available. I know I can get consistantly excellent quality from KA and that’s what I expect. I also believe in supporting US businesses as much as possible. I love to bake and cook and my family and extended family appreciate my efforts. I won’t let them down with inferior, or less than delicious, ingredients.

  37. fishes and loaves

    When I bake something I want it to reflect the love and care I have for the people who will partake in the finished product. I love knowing that King Arthur Flour co. feels the same way.

    If the most important part of producing quality foods is the look on people’s faces when they bite into it then that’s why your company and your flour makes all the difference! Thank you for making my baking a success every time!

  38. Emma

    I use KAF because I know it’s the best. I can count on every single bag I buy to be of the highest quality.

    I use KAF because as a company I love what you stand for. I appreciate that it’s an employee owned business and I appreciate the family you have created within that business.

    I use KAF because whatever support I might need a home baker your people are there to happily provide. Very few companies come through with employees who are passionate about customer service positions.

    I use KAF because I love this blog and I would feel like I was cheating on PJ if I used anything else 😉

    Oooh, Emma – “your cheatin’ heart….” Thanks for not going there! 🙂 PJH

  39. Charlene S.

    I have used KAF for many more years than I care to reveal 😉 As others have said, it is consistent and my results are much better because of the ingredients. In addition, the “family” comments reveal our need to connect with one another and you have filled that need. In days past, we had mothers and aunts and grandmoms and even uncles and dads to guide us on our path to become better bakers. We cooked and learned from each other. Sadly, this extended family situation has changed. Whether due to distance, work commitments or just a societal change, we no longer have generations of family to guide us. But KAF and the wonderful people who run it not only sell a superior product, you guide us and care for us like family. I love this blog and look forward to reading it often. AND, I make lots of things I would never try because of your encouragement! Thanks!

    And thanks for being part of the community, Charlene. PJH

  40. Allan

    I buy from King Arthur because of the customer service. I’m assuming the flour is the best because all the comments from more experienced baker and Cooks Illustrated tell me it is.

    But I keep buying from King Arthur because of the people who work there. Blog posts with replies on the comments from people who obviously read them all and care about what’s said. Anytime anyone has a problem with something the answer is – just give us a call and we’ll work it out: and they mean it. I’ve never had less than a rapid reply to a question I’ve emailed , or an answer to a baking problem they want to make sure I understand before I try it. And the blog by bakers who love what they do, work hard to get the recipes not only right but intriguing and really explain why they do what they do. And the rapid and well packed shipments from the store. Those guys must work hard.

    Its a business that understands that its not the sale but the repeat sale, and the sale after that, that makes it work.

    BTW… I don’t know who takes the photos for the blog, but boy, is that person good or what?

  41. PJ Hamel

    Well, I can see with the number of comments here, and growing all the time, that I’m not going to be able to respond to all of you in the way you deserve. All I can say is, thank you. For your loyalty, your willingness to engage, your support, your taking the time to comment here… and most of all for your baking and sharing, the way you open your heart to those around you through baking. As we say here at King Arthur – you never bake alone. Thanks so much – PJH

  42. Laura B

    All of it’s been said a million and a half times over but – Buying locally and supporting smaller is good, always consistent, non-GMO, and so on.

    The big realization for me was a few years ago. Whenever I read through recipe sites (KAF excluded!) or discuss with fellow bakers I’m astounded by the plethora of negative remarks on “failed” recipes – inedible, didn’t rise, horrid texture, and so on. After reviewing the variables* I realized things I’ve bake come out well when I’ve paid attention to the quality of my ingredients – starting always and relying on King Arthur for ALL my flour. The blog is wonderful, this community is outstanding, but the product speaks for itself. Thanks for all the great results. KAF was the only flour I trusted with my wedding cupcakes and the only flour I trust.

  43. April in CT

    I just read over all the comments above me and will say I agree on some level with every single one of them. I buy KAF by the 10 lb bag QUITE often from my local warehouse store and absolutely can’t imagine using another flour. Everything about this company speaks to me and I’m so excited every time I see a new post on the blog. Is it wrong to get emotional about flour and the company that makes it? I love nothing more than baking and sharing with others. The joy it brings me is THE reason I do it and KAF is right there beside me helping make it happen.

    My husband is in the Coast Guard and if we ever move to an area that I can’t find KAF I’m pretty sure I’ll have a nervous breakdown. LOL We live in CT right now and my idea of a perfect day or weekend trip would be a drive up to VT to visit the KAF store. I day dream about it and hope we can do that one weekend soon! There are a gazillion things I want from the online store and I browse it quite often window shopping.

  44. Katie R

    My MIL first recommended King Arthur Flour to me for my bread baking (and general baking) needs. She swears by KAF. Since she is a great baker, I took her advice, and using KAF, I have had great success in my bread baking.

  45. Teresa

    I buy KAF because it is
    1) good flour
    2) consistent
    3) made by a smaller, more personable company

    also, i love the blog and the recipes!

    Thanks so much.

  46. Kate

    I choose KAF for the fantastic high quality products and the amazing people who obviously LOVE their jobs, their company, and all of the products. I find that I participate in and share KAF blog posts and tweets more than any other site and certainly with more excitement! (the pictures just make you drool and then I just have to make it and enjoy! and comment!) Not only are the products the best out there, but so are the people. I am more than willing to pay a few more cents for consistent quality from people I adore (and am maybe a little bit jealous of, can you imagine having their jobs?!)

  47. Camille

    I agree with many of the above comments — when I think of KAF, I think of the consistently high quality of both the products and the people. I appreciate the company as much as the wonderful things you produce.

  48. Tom

    I started baking bread when I quit smoking. I needed to knead something.

    When I started baking, I had a terrible time baking something edible. Sometimes a recipe would work, sometimes I’d get a brick. Consistency was elusive. I spend a lot of time (not necessarily a lot of effort, but a lot of time) baking. By the time you do a pre-ferment, mix ingredients, knead, retard, proof and bake a recipe you can have days involved in a batch of dough.

    Once I switched to KAF my results became far more reliable. I get return on my investment. This morning I had the confidence to bake a new blueberry muffin recipe and the results were fantastic!

    I have found the largest variable in baking to be the flour. If you don’t have a high-quality, consistent flour you’re wasting your time.

    I’ve learned SO much from the Baking Sheet, interaction with the employee-owners at KAF and the Baking Circle I’m not sure a simple “Thank You” is sufficient.


  49. LynnA

    I buy gadgets from KAF website because I love kitchen gadgets, and you guys use what you sell. I buy King Arthur Flour because it is good, and always the same. I hear people say how the amount of water in a recipe depends on the weather, the phase of the moon, yada yada. I don’t buy that. If you use KAF, which has a consistent gluten content, the dough takes the same amount of water every time. Perfect for a timed-bake in a bread machine.

  50. Lorna Brower

    I found your blog a few weeks ago and I am already addicted. I use your flour and have already ordered twice from your catalog. I have been on a bread-making kick for about 6 months now. I found your baking cookbook and have read every word. I am starting to bake my way through it. Everything has turned out great so far. I made the sourdough waffles, used the cinnamon pellets in bread (wonderful) and made the Baguettes. Thank you for your very informative recipes and fun commentary. I also enjoy all of the comments from your readers. I am happy to be one of them now!

  51. Royce R

    I love KAF because it is so fresh. The quality is wonderful. I live in a tiny coastal town in Oregon, and only recently has the store started stocking the flour – that’s all, but no bread flour. Only the white and the wheat flour. I use the flour for any recipe that calls for flour, and I can’t say enough good things about it. You can’t get any better then fresh. I also like the fact that it is made in the USA and the company is employee owned – the best! Thank you for the blog. It is extremely helpful to me as I am not a confident cook. For some reason I do not trust myself as I am not creative, so the blog is very useful when attempting to make something new. I agree with a previous comment that you are indeed like visiting with a best friend or a favorite aunt. Because of your ability to communicate, plus the wonderful photos and product, it is what keeps people like me coming back. You do a great service. Now if you could just send money as there are so many things that I would like to purchase from your store, that would be the icing on the cake. Ha Ha. Love everything about your website, the product, the blogs, the comments,and all the tips and hints that are provided. Thank all of you for your generosity of sharing, especially your wonderful products.

  52. marie

    I buy only King Arthur flour-I make my own bread, all types. The KA flour gives me a great result every time I use it!!

  53. Renate

    Love, love, LOVE your products!! I won’t bake with any other flour. White whole wheat is my favorite, it adds healthy goodness to my baking. Three cheers for this blog and all the recipes posted on They are my ‘go to’ places for new ideas. Thank you for yur excellent customer service, wonderful ideas and products, and your willingness to share and encourage all levels of bakers!

  54. Marion

    King Arthur is consistent. Beyond that, it is the support that KA has always offered – kind of like the ‘genius’ bar at the Apple store. The bakers are constantly offering new ideas, recipes and they always work. Period.

  55. Lish

    I buy and use King Arthur Flour because it has consistent high quality, the company is American owned and operated, and because it is more than a bag of flour. You show me how to make better food for my family, how to improve my cooking and baking, and therefore my confidence to try new things. That improves my daily life. There is always someone to answer a question, or to share an idea on the blog, and that makes me feel like part of a community, and for a stay at home mom with two babies that is priceless. You encourage and inspire, as well as selling us products that are hard to find elsewhere. Because of KAF and the website, I now make my own yogurt, bread, english muffins, and other things I never would have made before, and I feel comfortable experimenting because if something goes wrong I have a resource for troubleshooting. Thank you for all you do, we are grateful there is a company like KAF.

    I’m sure you’ll “pay it forward,” Lish, teaching those two babies to bake (when they’re a little bit older!) Thanks for your kind words – PJH

  56. Nancy McGee

    I can remember when Publix (largest supermarket chain in Florida ) first began carrying KA. The supply would run out in a manner of days – I often wondered who were the other people in town who knew the secret of KA – and I began buying a bag of what ever KA flour was avialable when I ran into the store – just in case. Now, there is no shortage – even with white whole wheat. When complimented on my bread or cookes, I tell everyone that it is the KA flour that makes the difference. My ulterior motive is to keep KA in business forever. Thanks for the web site and countless hours of testing and sharing.

  57. RJ

    I use KAF because I feel I know the folks that it comes from (like buying from a Farmer’s Market.) 🙂 Keep up the great work…and I’ll keep on baking with your products!! 🙂

  58. Jenn

    King Arthur flour brings out the baking queen in me! Love being able to bake for my family and give them the royal treatment thanks to KA!

  59. laura k

    I buy KAF because the company is employee-owned. I do hope you make this part of your ad campaign. In these days of corporate greed I think it’s important to show that there are other ways to run a successful business.

    I also think value has to do with not just how a product performs, but how it is made, itself. It would be great if you highlighted the wheat farmers and other producers you use to make KAF, so people can start making the connection between what they’re buying in the market and all the things that went into making it.

  60. Christina

    I keep coming back to KAF because I can’t get the same results with any other flour. KAF’s White Whole Wheat is a favorite in our home. I love that KAF is employee owned in the USA. I love the community and the blog. Like others have said, my heart goes pitty pat when I see there is a new entry. PJ, I’ve never met you, but you’re my fabulous, internet baking neighbor. Your tips and comments have be a great source of encouragement.

    but… my number one reason…

    All the baking I’ve done with my 3 yo daughter (and my9 mo son, when he’s ready) are from KAF recipes and with KAF products. The recipes are fabulous, they taste wonderful, and (most importantly) the time we spend together baking is priceless.

    Priceless indeed, Christina. Thanks for your kind words, and for nurturing the next generation of bakers! PJH

  61. Anne

    1. Consistent quality
    2. Employee owned business – VERY important to me
    3. Interactions – blog, recipes, your workshops

    If there was another flour of the same quality that cost less I would still head for KAF because of my points 2. and 3. above. I try my best to support employee owned business, local and family businesses, less big box!

  62. Anya Williams

    The most expensive ingredient in anything I bake is my time. I can always get more ingredients, but it is impossible to get any more time. I use King Arthur flour because it always gives me the results I need, in the time I have.

  63. Katie

    I choose KAF for all the reasons you’d imagine: quality, consistency, taste. Also, I choose to vote with my wallet, and KAF is a company I admire and where I want to spend my hard-earned money.

  64. Jeri Hurd

    Well, everything has already pretty much been said! That it’s partly about the quality goes without saying. But it’s even more than that. This has become my go-to baking site, even more than, say, ATK, as good as that is. First, you’re not just about flour–your other items help me kick my baking up to near-professional levels which, let’s be honest, feeds my ego whenever I take my weekly baked goods in to work. The faculty go nuts, and 9 times out of 10 I’ve used your recipes and several of your ingredients,l whether it’s flour or cinnamon schmear or special flavorings or whatever.

    More importantly, it’s about a your attitude. You obviously love good food, but you’re not food snobs. You show deep respect for the passionate amateur; my baking has improved 10 fold since I’ve started reading your blogs, and I vastly appreciate their interactive nature. So many food blogs take comments, but never respond. I’ve also emailed several times with questions and always receive prompt and friendly replies.

    Baking for me is about communion and community. It’s a sharing and nurturing, a giving of self. You guys get that.

    I’m making my first trip for your artisan baking class in October. My Dad’s coming, too–it’s my birthday present to him. I can’t wait to learn together and share the KAF experience with him!

    Community and communion – LOVE that, Jeri. I’ll look forward to meeting you in October! PJH

  65. Melinda

    Here’s a reason why that no one has mentioned: this past Friday afternoon, I’m making a recipe for breadsticks. I notice I don’t have the right pan. I ask my husband who’s a great cook for his thoughts on what to use, and he doesn’t know. He says, “Don’t those KAF folks have a chat feature?” So, I head to the computer, hit chat (on the right up there, right below the twitter logo), and Mary pops up. She coaches me through, helps me figure out what to use, and makes me feel good about baking with what I have, even if it isn’t just how the recipe did it. All at 3pm on a Friday.

    THAT is why I use KAF. I know that my purchase of a premium product is going to come back to me many times over. And, Mary…the breadsticks rocked. 😀

  66. Michelle

    I first started to buy KAF flour because the quality was far superior to the generic brands. Once I started to learn more about the company and their products it just made me fall more in love with them every day. They really are a company you can stand behind and support with pride.

  67. Cathy in WI

    How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…
    -exceptional quality
    -an informative educational blog that is also fun and down-to-earth
    -AWESOME customer service. I am sure that you people also have bad days, but so far I have yet to call for something and not encounter a friendly helpful employee-owner
    -the whole employer-owner thing is amazing to see in action
    -I consistently get great results with the product and recipes
    -the amazing attention to little details to make our experience as a customer, all the better!

  68. Rebekah

    First, I love all the varieties of flour you offer. White whole wheat is especially wonderful… and UNBLEACHED white flour too. Second, it’s a solid company that keeps promises, gives great service, and is always looking for ways to improve. Third, it’s real. 🙂 I love the blog, the triple-tested recipes, the friendliness and joy all over the place at KAF.

    Keep up the amazing work.

  69. ladygoat

    I started buying KAF because it was the best quality, but now I also buy it because I love its business model and its awesome blog and website. I’m truly a fan, and not just a customer.

  70. Vicki

    I would buy only KAF flours if I could…but lots of the ones I most want to use have barley in them. Boo hoo hoo. I never could understand why there was barley in all bread flour, all AP flour, Sir Lancelot, etc until I did Live Chat one day with the KAF chat line. But with the help of various people there and answers to my questions in regards to recipes on Baking Banter, I’m getting better at faking the end result. My end results will never be as good since I don’t start out with the best flour but….they are darned tasty.

    But I can truthfully say the books are great, the recipes are awesome, the blog entries great fun, customer service is excellent, every product I have ever bought has lived up to my expectations and the one time I was in the store was wonderful. A pity I only had 1 hour to spend and had two people breathing down my neck. If I ever make it to NH again (from Georgia) I’m alloting lots of time and they can go hiking some where while I look to my hearts content!

    I also want to say I really appreciate the fact that PJ, Susan, Frank, Mary, and company all read and respond to our comments. I’ve learned so much from them while they clarified points, explained the whys and possibilities and then encouraged us to go forth, experiment and report back. Reading all the comments from the blog community is one of the best parts of reading the blog.

    Before I forget, another fact I admire about King Arthur Flour Company is that it is so involved with the community and gives time to its employees so they can volunteer and make the community a better place. That they are responsive to the needs of the community.

    Lastly, that King Arthur (and all its employees) is a company that teaches as well as sells and wants to make us all better bakers and people.

  71. bridget {bake at 350}

    First, I would say trust. I like this company; I trust it. I know I’m getting quality.

    Second, the product. It is noticeably better straight out of the bag. Never clumpy, just perfect.

    Third, I appreciate all of the baking advice I’ve gotten from the blog, the hotline, the catalog, the cookbooks. So, I guess I buy King Arthur also to say “thank you.” 🙂
    Bridget, we appreciate you too. We love to talk baking with our fellow bakers. In fact food is always a major topic of conversation here. Who’s eating what, who’s making what and who’s bringing what to the potluck on Saturday. Thanks for joining in! ~ MaryJane

  72. Kiva-Farmstead Lady

    I love KAF because:

    1) It is made here in the USA.

    2) The product is made and used by real people that stand behind their product.

    3) It always delivers – I don’t have to worry about something not coming out right because it is a consistent product. My 7 year old can use it without any problems as well – gotta love that!

    Keep up the good work!

  73. Marie in TLH

    The best ingredients always produce the best baked goods. And KAF ingredients are always the best. Baking is both art and science and KAF ingredients improve the odds that I will create something I am so very proud of.

    Not only does KAF give me an advantage with quality ingredients, I also get an abundance of expert help and encouragment. It really does make a difference in my happiness and success.

  74. Daria Walton

    I use King Arthur Flour first because it’s what my mother and grandmother use. We have a strong baking tradition in our New England family. I’ve tried other flours, though, thinking I would save money, and none of them are up to the wonderful standard of King Arthur flour. King Arthur offers many different specialty flours in stores in my area, which is convenient. That King Arthur Flour is an employee-owned domestic company is the icing on the cake!

  75. Chris Conroy

    Even before I knew about some of your company’s policies I was a big fan of the products.

    I know what I’m going to get and I know that my breads, cakes and pastries will be improved by KA ingredients.

    I recently took a bread class (beauty and the baguette) and was really impressed with the skill and knowledge of the instructor – another added benefit.

  76. Angela

    2 years ago I had never heard of KAF. My mom’s not much of a baker and my grandmother always just kept hers in a bin so I never knew where her flour came from. I just got the cheapest store brand. Then I one day I was looking up a recipe for potato rolls and came across your site. I was seriously impressed with all the instructions and comments; how customer service actually answered my emailed questions just as person who stumbled across the site.

    I found the store and ordered some bread bases which were all a hit but I was still using el cheapo store brand flour (we had like 4 bags and I never baked much either aside from a brief stint in high school)..

    I love the blog and the step by step pictures and the questions and answers in the comments. I know that if I want a recipe for anything baked I can come here and if anybody’s had any kind of problem with it I’ll know it and how to avoid it.

    So finally we ran out of the old stuff half way through a recipe so I pulled out my brand new bag of KAF flour and added a cup of that to the bowl. You could literally see the difference. The store brand was visibly less evenly or finely ground. I thought it might have been due to being old but I’m sad to say when that KAF bag ran out I ran to the closest store which didn’t have KAF and got another brand and once again you could see that the flour just wasn’t the same. Well I don’t do that anymore. 😉

    I bake all the time now. Good flour is such a joy to work with! I’ve recently started baking without a recipe and that’s all sorts of wild and crazy fun! No knead, no read. Just dump, stir and go!

    Having said that which of the phenomenal pie recipes on your site is in that photo? It looks amazing! Is it caramel apple? It’s so dark and rich looking!

    Hi Angela – It’s our Guaranteed Apple Pie recipe. Enjoy! PJH

    Hi Angela,
    Thanks for sharing your KAF story. Can you believe I lived less than 15 miles from Norwich for years before I knew KAF was here? Thank goodness I too found the flour and the store and the great folks I now work with. Hope you can come visit someday. ~ MaryJane

  77. Lisa

    Every product I’ve used is wonderful! The apple pie in the ad looks really yummy too! Is the recipe posted somewhere? I’m still looking for a “perfect” apple pie recipe including the “perfect” flaky crust!

    Hi, Lisa – here’s the apple pie recipe. PJH

  78. Madilyn

    I started my love of “fresh pasta” making over 20 years ago. I started by using 2 popular market brands. Pbs chefs always used KAF, so I tried it. And my family, friends & I noticed the better flavor, texture & storage quality. I love KA Flour. Madilyn

  79. keri

    I choose King Arthur because it makes everything bake better and taste better!

    …and I love the blog, and the company seems pretty great as well. I always recommend KA flour.

  80. Kathryn Henry

    KAF products are the best! But the biggest selling point is that the products are produced in America. The fact that KAF is an employee-owned company is the second thing that really drew me to use your products. Any time I work with a customer service rep, or asking a question on the blog, or ask Linda (she is terrific) at the Baking Sheet for help, I know that I will be taken care of and am not just another number. Pride in ownership is something that isn’t found in too many companies in today’s society. It seems all our major corporations may have offices in the United States, but all the work is done in another country. Not only does this diminish the pride, but is most cases it is non-existent since so many of the American workers no longer have jobs as the jobs were sent out of the country for the cheap labor, not for pride in workmanship.

    KAF is involved with the community and performs many outreach projects and this only adds to their commitment to the success of their community projects, but the pride that comes with completing those projects.

    Finally, my family and friends love the results from the many recipes I have experimented with using your products. Keep up the good work. My family and I look forward to working with KAF for many years to come.

  81. Marti

    Well I live in Canada and can’t get King Arthur flour. The equivalent might be Robin Hood. I would really like to get more data on the flour I buy here, ie gluten content, fiber, etc.
    But if I lived in the US I would definitely move in a KA direction. My sister in law uses it and she is an excellent baker!

  82. skeptic7

    I buy King Arthur Flour as a tribute to the “200th Anniversary Cookbook”. It was such a very good, informative, entertaining and amusing cookbook. It explained about yeast raised cakes and scones and so much else. I kept on buying the flour as a reliable, quality product.

  83. Jayne

    I have been baking since I was 8 years old – baking with winter wheat flour grown on our farm and taken to a nearby mill for processing – my 4-H fair entries were always top notched. Never like the cookies my peers baked.
    Finding King Arthur’s products twenty years ago was a dream come true – flour as close as anything to our home grown flour. I have been known to buy it in 25 pound bags from a local grocery store that uses the flour in their bakery.
    I use it in my Family and Consumer classes – students know it is my favorite!
    Nothing else comes close to producing such quality baked goods -always perfect.

  84. Alissa

    I can’t remember when I first chose King Arthur flour; it’s been so long ago. But the results were wonderful. So I kept buying and baking with it. Over the years, I’ve purchased your 200th Anniversary cookbook, Baking Sheets, and your short-lived magazine, as well as been a member of the Baking Circle. All have made me a better baker. I’ve also expanded my culinary horizons with products from your catalog. Today, I buy even more of your products, at least doubling the amount of flour I previously used, simply because of your blog. I’ve found terrific new recipes and strengthened my skills even more. I’ve had wonderful support online and on the phone with your bakers as well. I feel like I’ve come to know PJ and Susan and Mary Jane. In other words, it is the people behind the product that keep me buying KAF.

    Thanks, Alissa – always nice to see your name her in the comments section. (Can I tell my boss you use twice as much flour because of the blog? 🙂 ) PJH

  85. Mary Beth Hunt

    King Arthur Flour is what I give for gifts.
    I give FLOURS.
    It makes me feel really “special” when I bake with this flour.
    When I make a pizza dough with PIZZA FLOUR. Or a Pasta with PASTA FLOUR.

    And I love serving this special food to my really special family.

    Thanks for such a great blog and recipes online. I love everything about your brand.

  86. bookboxer

    My maternal greatgrandfather owned a “corner bakery,” and his five sons went on to open their own bakeries after his death. The “girls” (my grandmother and her sisters) were able to work in the shop, but they never really learned the business of baking – it was man’s work. And so began the family tradition of women not knowing how to bake! My own mother made rock-hard chocolate chip cookies and a dubious fruitcake each Christmas; I carried on the tradition by producing a wheat bread so heavy it sank to the bottom of the pond before the resident ducks could get it! Now (very recently!) retired, I’m making new forays into the baking world and am just back from a visit to your store, where we purchased a few mixes – and a KAF apron! – to start things off right.

    I’ve been lurking on the KAF blog for a few months and love every tidbit I’ve learned here. And that’s why I’ll keep coming back. Your company produces fabulous products and you are supportive of your customers – experienced or novice. It seems a full-circle relationship, one I’m please to join. (By the way, the anise biscotti mix came out great! Thanks!)

    I’m LOL about the ww bread sinking… Thanks for connecting here, and for giving me a good chuckle! PJH

  87. Kate

    I learned to love King Arthur flour thanks to my mother. She taught me to bake, uses KAF herself to this day and, when I was girl in the early 90s, encouraged me to enter a KAF Winterbake contest. I entered, won my division and have been a loyal customer ever since. I enjoy the fact that even though I don’t know the science behind everything I bake that my breads will be tender, my cookies will remain pleasantly chewy and my brownies are pretty darn good. I applied for a baker’s position at a small artisan bakery once and, in addition to learning that I didn’t want to be a full-time baker, I received a lesson in why KAF is the flour of choice for small bakers. It’s, quite simply, almost fool proof and that’s a good thing.

    I read the KAF blog for ideas and the photos. It’s practically food porn… ::grin:: My baked goods never look quite the same as yours, but they taste yummy.

    Thanks to all of you for your hard work in making a great blog and even better flour!

  88. Candace

    I use KAF for all the reasons noted above, and in a big way, because of the blog. You never set yourselves up as being the “gurus” (though to many of us you are). You are always ready to say that there is never any one way that is “right” to do something. Also, you are not such purists or elitists that comfort food has to be gussied up, and the use of a few of the less “classy” ingredients is OK. You invite experimentation. You aren’t afraid to admit error or failure of some of your efforts. In short, you exhibit proudly those human traits we are all blessed with, but some columnists try hard to hide. For the rest of us, we learn that this is a place we can exhibit our less than stellar attempts, get advice from you and other bloggers and then fix and report back, all without feeling foolish. For all of this, “Thank You!”

    Ah, Candace… thank you so much. This is EXACTLY what I’m trying to do – show us – all of us – in our true, human light. “Warts” and all. I have a blog I’ll be posting in October of a loaf that just NEVER looks pretty. It always manages to sink on top. But it tastes great – it uses that “extra” cup of sourdough they tell you to throw out – and it’s EASY. I tried a few times to force it into “prettiness,” then wised up. Who among us is gorgeous? Why should bread be any different, right? So long as we’re beautiful inside – in our hearts -then the “package” is – well, only skin-deep. Thanks for connecting here – PJH

  89. Margy

    Your flour gives me excellent and consistent results. The fact that you are employee-owned implies that, unlike the big conglomerates, you are motivated to provide the best products and service possible. My nieces think your vanilla butter cake mix is “da bomb” and demand it for their birthdays. Your blog is like chatting with a neighbor over the back yard fence. And finally, who else is going to give me permission to play with my food?! ;-D

  90. Mary Kay Snyder

    I use King Arthur flour with everything. I’m so impressed It’s better than Gold Metal,back in the time.I would like to know,if anyone has a recipe made from scatch for Lime cheesecake bars?

  91. Heather

    I’ve just begun getting into baking and I love your website. I buy your brand because the company seems to have good goals and provides wonderful resources to its customers. I would rather pay a little more and support a company like yours than save a little money on another brand.

  92. SoupAddict Karen

    I buy KAF because it’s a superior product. I’m loyal to KAF because it’s an American company. I’m sentimental about KAF because it’s employee-owned, and I wish I could work there, too, with all the fantastic folks who make appearances on this site (and on YouTube). I love KAF because they’re a baker’s dream. Every flour, every flavoring, every baking ingredient, is professional quality. (The artisan breadmaking books I’ve purchased mention KAF by name – I don’t need convincing, but that’s quite a ringing endorsement.) Finally, I love this blog because PJ and Susan and crew make every recipe seem like it’s completely doable, no matter how many steps, and even if it flops, that’s okay, we’ll still be loved. I wonder how many people you guys have touched and started on a lifetime of happy baking?

    Lots and lots of people, I hope, Karen. Thanks for your kind words – PJH

  93. vel

    I have switched to KAF from the others because I get better results and, most importantly, because I like the feeling of community when I interact with the employees. I’m on my way to earning a baking and pastry certification from my local community college and hope to always be using KAF.

  94. Marleene

    I have used and enjoyed all the products I have purchased from your web site and KAF is the only flour you will find in my kitchen. On my way to purchasing the caramel block from your on-line shop, I happened to read the review from a user who was NOT happy with the product. Her complaint was about the ingredients used in the caramel. Perhaps she, and others, are missing the hyperlink to “Nutritional Information” displayed on the information page for most of your products. May I suggest that you increase the font size for this link to make it more obvious. There are some products in your “Ingredients” section that do not show this information; however, I hope that a customer can call and get it from a Customer Service Rep. All in all, I feel that you do an excellent job of presenting important information; an important necessity these days for any shopper.
    Thanks Marleene, I’ll be sure that the web team knows about the request to make the font on the nutritionals larger. And yes, we are always happy to provide nutritional information on any product. Just drop us a line, give us a call, or stop in to our live chat, we’re here to help! ~ MaryJane

  95. jami

    I love the quality of KAF flour, vanilla, and other products I’ve tried. Mostly, I love that the company is employee-owned and that the employees are so directly involved with their customers. I’ve called KAF more than once and gotten a nice, helpful person on the phone. Your bloggers always read and respond to comments personally. The company’s expertise shines through clearly in its products and the way it communicates with loyal customers. I only wish Trader Joe’s still carried your AP flour!

  96. Margaret Woodside

    If you live in the East Bay, near San Francisco, you can buy KAF at Berkeley Bowl, both stores. If you live here and haven’t visited the new Gigantic store near Ashby and 7th, you should. I bought all the usual KAF flours there on Friday for 3.85 per 5 pound bag. I have the overflow in big plastic bags in the freezer because I went a little nuts! KAF flours give the best result and I have used them for years. It was easier when I lived in New England but they are still worth the search.

  97. breadchick

    I use King Arthur for both my personal and professional baking because no other flour produces the same consistent results time after time. I know when I’m teaching bread baking to novices, I don’t have to worry about them not getting a good loaf of bread because of the flour. I know when I’m making family favorite cookies for birthday packages the cookies are going to turn out the same from the first batch to the last. Finally there is the unparalleled customer support and access to the staff. When I do have a question or even the occasional hiccup with a recipe, I get good solid support and answers. I wouldn’t dream of using or recommending another flour.

  98. pam

    I am coming late to this discussion. But as much as I love and trust KAF, I had to join in! I use KAF exclusively because I can really tell the difference in the quality of my baked goods – especially cookies. A superior product resulting in superior baking.

  99. Kay

    If I wasn’t already a KAF devotee, I would be now! I love this ad, & just reposted it on my FB page. But really, I do love KAF, because it’s consistent and responsible and makes delicious baked goods. Why oh why would you ever buy cheapo flour to make something homemade? The only recipe I don’t use KAF for is playdough, bc really, I’d rather that one not taste good.

  100. Mary Jo Weaver

    I just had to join in this discussion, too! I’ve always used KAF because my mother always used it, and everything she baked was delicious! She always said “If you can’t do it right, don’t do it!” Now my daughters use KAF and the compliments keep coming. We’ll never use anything else, no matter what the price!

  101. FRAN S




  102. Trina K

    I started using King Arthur Flour because if it’s consistency and high protein content which enhances my bread making.

    I continued using King Arthur flour because my four year old could tell the difference in our bread if I ran out. (He’s 22 and off to college now, but I’m still using King Arthur Flour!)

    Now that I teach Foods classes in a high school, my students know all about my favorite, King Arthur White Whole Wheat 🙂

  103. LeAnn

    With the holidays around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of special gifts for those we love. My aunt and her friend are difficult to buy for, so during the last few years I’ve given them a “Bread of the Month Club” certificate. From May through October, while they’re north in Ohio, they each get a loaf of homemade bread, using King Arthur products of course! Their favorite is my Onion Dill Bread which contains cottage cheese, minced onion, dill weed, dill seed, and celery salt. It’s awesome toasted and attains great heights while baking. Does anyone have other gifts they make?
    What a terrific idea! I once gave a sister-in-law a years worth of homemade cookie mixes in jars. It was a lot of work, but she loved being able to make cookies for the kids in a snap. Happy Baking ~ MaryJane

  104. Angela

    I came across this ad campaign because of a research paper I was assigned at U.C. Berkeley. The assignment is to socially analyze a print ad from a popular print source. I won’t go into the details of how this ad works on a social level, but a personal one. I have a reputation in my college family housing community as “the Village Baker.” Increasingly I’ve come to find out how important that role is in my small community because many of my friends are single parents temporarily far from their own families and I’ve been told that their favorite baked good makes our temporary housing feel like home. During finals, many of my friends come to me for a “brownie fix.” I am constantly striving for ingredients to make my popular standbys even better than the last time someone tasted them. I had never really given much thought about the type of all-purpose flour could make a difference. In doing my research I came across your website and found out what everyone else has been raving about, customer service and a small-company feel. I am anxiously awaiting my first shipment of your products so I can give my brand-switch a go of it. I’ll let you know what the Village consensus is. My guess is it will be a good one.

    Welcome, Angela – glad you’ve connected here. Have you read “The Village Baker,” Joe Ortiz’ book – since that’s your well-earned title? It’s a really good bread read… Good luck on your paper, BTW- PJH

  105. Alyssa

    I am sick in bed drooling over all the things I want to now make now that I have found this blog. When I saw this it made me stop and think….since I have been married for 8 years we ONLY buy KA flour….why?? I am a product of my raising…my parents ONLY used KA flour. I don’t know why and when I asked they don’t know either. I do know that when my friends come over to bake with me with other flour mine always turns out better. I LOVE that I am supporting an American company…but for me it is in my genes and my 5 and 3 year old who bake with me even know this. At the grocery store they went to pick out flour and go directly to KA…so here’s to awesome genes!

    Thank you thank you thank you Alyssa, from the bottoms of our hearts – all 167 of us! Cheers! PJH and the 167 employee-owners at King Arthur Flour.

  106. CJ

    I love, absolutely love King Arthur’s Whole Wheat White Flour. It does not matter if I am making cakes, pies, cookies, or biscuits I use this flour. Thank you for the quality of your products, it is most definitely worth the extra cost.

  107. Fg

    I was treated to a fantastic week long baking course in NYC at the French Culinary Institute and the only flour we used was KAF. Wouldn’t try anything else!!

  108. mbbutler

    The cost of a 5 pound bag of flour is about the same as the cost of a single loaf of decent bread. Just think of all the loaves of bread you can make with 5 pounds! The recipes and results are worth every penny of King Arthur Flour and with each loaf I can be confident that I am nourishing my family with ingredients I know and trust while saving money at the same time.

  109. Lori M.

    My son has a wheat allergy and we have been using the KA Gluten Free all purpose flour for a few months. It’s the closest thing to regular flour and not as grainy as some other brands. Is there any chance you could start making it in a 5 or 10 lb. bag? We go through the box really fast.

    We’ve done the market analysis on that – and continue to do it regularly, Lori. Unfortunately, there’s no economy of scale (i.e., no savings) by having it packed that way, and our data tells us people would be extremely reluctant to pay what a larger bag would cost. So, best to just keep buying the smaller package; we’re sorry about the ecological impact of additional packaging, but a larger package wouldn’t offer our customers any savings… PJH


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