A salute to the holidays –

From our kitchen to yours – happy holidays, and here’s to a bright and beautiful 2010!

Best wishes (and thank you) from your fellow bakers at King Arthur Flour.

PJ Hamel

PJ Hamel grew up in New England, graduated from Brown University, and was a Maine journalist before joining King Arthur Flour in 1990. PJ bakes and writes from her home on Cape Cod, where she enjoys beach-walking, her husband, two dogs, and really good food!


  1. Sue

    Fun! Thanks for sharing your world with the rest of us.
    All the best to all of you this holiday season, and may there be enough cookies for everyone! 🙂 (The man sticking the cookie in his pocket made me laugh out loud!!) We can always bake more. Right!?

  2. Mary

    Very enjoyable! And it’s so nice to see the faces behind the voices, text, products, etc.

    You folks are the greatest!

    Happy Holidays!

  3. Tara

    Great video! It brought a smile to my face.

    My holidays are so much richer because of this website, cookbooks and products. Thank you!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  4. Fran

    What a fun video! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful recipes. Keep up the good work. You guys have a Happy Holiday and a wonderful, prosperous and healthy New Year to you all!

  5. Rosa

    What a great team! Thanks for sharing that video with us.

    I’m so glad KAF exists!

    happy Holidays and all the best for the New year!



  6. Tom

    What a surprise! I really appreciate the virtual cookies – they don’t add calories! I’d like to thank one and all for selflessly sharing recipes, techniques and friendship. Happy Holidays to all!

    Let’s make a couple of resolutions for the New Year: To care for those less fortunate and to pray for peace.

    Merry Christmas,

  7. Brenda from Flatbush

    I am glumly reminded that my home state of New York just placed dead last in a national survey of happiness. I wanna come work for you guys. You all seem so nice, not all surly and neurotic like us! Vermont ranked #18, but that is clearly an understatement! Until then, I will just have to resort to my time-tested antidepressant and BAKE…MORE…COOKIES! (Add scones, layer cake, and muffins for more effective combination therapy!)
    Merry Christmas from Brooklyn!

  8. Marianna

    What a fun video!! I know for a fact that Santa’s favorite cookies are made with KA flour! The KA people and products have helped to make the season bright for me and mine and it is my prayer for all of you to have the merriest, happiest, and healthiest of holidays and a New Year filled with abundant blessings!


  9. Teresa B.

    You guys are adorable! Thanks so much for giving a glimpse behind the scenes and for this wonderful blog! Merry Christmas!

  10. Denise in Kent, WA

    What a hoot – I love a company that has a sense of humor. It was fun to get a virtual tour of your operation, too. Happy holidays to your entire team!!

    We do have fun here, that’s for sure… Good place to work – esp. since we’re employee-owned. All for one, one for all. Happy holidays, Denise – PJH

  11. Rachel

    Right back at ya! I had the pleasure of taking a class in 2006 on a visit with my friend who lived in Keene, NH at the time…I love recognizing the ‘classroom’ and the store. Keep up the great work…and thanks for the inspiration/reminder to keep things fun as I am building my business!

    Good luck with your new business, Rachel – PJH

  12. Molly

    Do you have any non-White employee-owners? Just curious…

    Molly, not sure what ethnic group you’re trying to specify in “non-white,” but we have two Asian employees; one was on vacation, the other appeared in the IT shot. If you’re asking in a roundabout way, “Why is King Arthur so white?” – it has everything to do with Vermont being the “whitest” state (or maybe one of the top 3) in the country. There simply aren’t many people of color here; trust me, we would never, ever discriminate against anyone, in any way, for any reason. That’s not what King Arthur is all about. I hope this answers your concern – PJH

  13. Maggie

    Happy New Year to you all! Great video! Thanks for sharing it! I love the cookie elf’s Santa hat, the one with the fluffy ball on the spiral red antenna. Let me know when it’s available on the KAF website. 😉 Adorable!
    I’ve been having a blast baking up a storm this past week since I have the time off from work. Oatmeal cookies, sugar cookies, Black and White biscotti, and now Sticky Ginger squares. Every one a KAF recipe with KAF flour! Looking forward to another year of great blogs and new recipes.

  14. Frank D

    That is an interesting video for a baking products company. But, I have to mention this and please don’t take it as a negative. As I was watching I realized about halfway through the video, you appear not to have a very diverse organization. Now having been through many areas of Vermont and New Hampshire, I know that there aren’t very many minorities present in a lot of places. But you are practically on top of the Dartmouth Campus so I guess I’d have to say I somewhat surprised. Please don’t take offense at my comment, but it just struck me as I was watching. Other than that, it was a fun video and happy holidays to all of you in the far North.

  15. Louise

    Happy Holidays from Bloomington, IN
    Thanks for the great recipes & blog. Have been a fan & used King Arthur flour since 1964. King Arthur products have been top quality & keep getting better with each passing year. Keep up the great job.

  16. Kimberly D

    Merry Christmas to everyone at King Arthur Flour, thanks for all the wonderful recipes and all the photos that are very helpful. Also Happy New Year, I am looking forward to more great recipes this coming new year.

  17. Belinda

    Oh how FUN! My heavens! The Baker’s Store is ENORMOUS now! Last time I was there was in Autumn, 1996, just before I left for Europe. I started using KAF when I worked at NECI, we used it in all our bakeries and kitchens, and it is just the best stuff! I’m so glad I get to still be in (virtual) contact through the Baking Sheet! So to all of you, a VERY Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year from my little corner of France! Joyeux Fêtes!

    Ah, Belinda… envy you being in France, but it’s a good day wherever you are in the world. Merry Christmas – PJH

  18. Toni

    Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to each of you.

    I love the Expresso powder and the two cookie scoops Santa brought me.

    Ho Ho HO! PJH

  19. Meg B

    Thanks for the video! It was fun to see the whole team! Happy Holidays! Thank you KAF!

    Thanks for joining in, Meg – PJH

  20. Teresa F.

    Fun! Fun! Fun! My dream job is to work at KA! A little tough when I live in California, but I can always dream. Got to love a workplace that knows how to have fun and always have good baked goods at hand.

    Is there no snow in your part of Vermont?

    Merry Christmas! Happy Baking in the New Year!

  21. Jean

    What a great way to “meet” all the hardworking, imaginative, dedicated people behind all the excellent products, catalogs, recipes, and blog. I hope you don’t mind that I’m going to steal the idea for my company next year. (It’s not the only thing that I’ve learned from you guys.) Merry Christmas to everyone at KAF!

  22. cathy gaur

    Merry to all of you
    opened my KA Box this morning and made scones (with mix and pan) for a great start to the day.
    thanks for all of your wonderful products
    and I love your store also
    each ski trip gets a KA visit! what a deal!
    cathy gaur

    Glad your day was merrier due to a tasty start with some good scones, Cathy – PJH

  23. MariaNita

    What a fun video, lovely way for sharing.
    Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful recipes I learned from you especially the Lemon Bliss Cake, it’s my son’s favorite. It also served as my christmas gift to my in-laws and relatives.
    Happy Holidays to everyone at KAF.


    That IS a really good cake, isn’t it, MariaNita? Glad your son enjoys it – PJH

  24. Royce Robertson

    Spent Christmas with my daughter and her family visiting me from Washington State. Served your Pecan Praline French Toast and the Cinnamon-Streusel Coffeecake for our Christmas morning breakfast.
    Everyone LOVED it. Thanks for making our day easier and certainly more delicious. Not often that both the adults and the children agree on foods. Thanks to you and the staff for your great products and in everything that you do. Love the recipes and especially liked the videos of everyone. Makes me want to come out of retirement IF, I could work there. Best wishes for a wonderful 2010.

    Thanks for staying in touch, Royce. Glad we could help make your Christmas breakfast agreeable to all concerned! PJH

  25. Ricardo Neves Gonzalez

    Thanks all the KAF´s bakers for this fantastic blog. Merry Christma´s delayed and a new year with lot´s of words, posts and flour. We will stay in tune with you all the next years!!!

    Thanks Ricardo – will be trying your Jewish strudel as soon possible when I get back from vacation- PJH

  26. Barbara

    All the best in the New Year! Great video.

    And huzzahs to you too, Barbara – here’s to a 2010 where your dough rises and your cookies don’t crumble… 🙂 PJH

  27. vel

    that was great, seeing the cookies on the conveyor system which will shortly have my order riding along it!

    as for the person asking if KA had any non-white folks… if Vermont is like western PA, heck, I didn’t meet anyone darker than me(good ol’ northern European ancestry) until I went off to college. Just how things were.

    oh and my husband the IT guy is also amused with “enable your cookies!”

  28. Anne

    What fun! Wish I could work there. Any chance y’all could arrange warm winters? We’d move in a flash! 🙂

    Best to all in 2010!

  29. Sandy

    What a great video..such fun!! My hope is your Christmas was Very Merry and full of blessings. And now, Happy New Year!! So looking forward to another year of your great recipes and products.

  30. Christina

    Happy Holidays to all of you too!

    KAF looks like such a nice place to work!

    On my 3rd bag of KAF since Dec 15th and still baking…but this time a birthday cake for me (Dec 31)!
    Happy Happy Day Christina, from all of us to you!

  31. Celeste

    Just discovered your website this fall! My absolute favorite recipe is the No Knead Harvest Bread–to die for.

    Happy New Year to all the dancing bakers and to everyone at KAF.

  32. Lynnette

    Happy Holidays!
    The video was entertaining. I’ve been using KAF for years and finally don’t have to order it online. Here in California it’s finally available in almost every market … now just waiting for the other products to show up in our stores as well.
    In May of this year we went to NY to visit our son. During the course of this vacation we rented a vehicle and drove to VT to visit your store. I was there quite sometime … so much to see!
    My luggage returned quite full.
    Thanks again

  33. Bridgid

    Loved the video! Thank you!! What stood out to me was that everyone seemed very happy – I realize this is a video holiday card, and so people should be happy, but everyone seemed genuinely happy, like they like what they’re doing and happy to be there!

    And I beleive that KAF is reflective of the community as far as race is concerned, and I am certain that if someone who met the qualifications of a position would be considered, no matter what color (or lack thereof.) It’s odd to me that people might think anything other than that.

    Great video! Thanks again!

  34. karen price

    I WANT to work for you!!!! I enjoyed this video so much, as it came on a day I had a rough work day. (Yes, I am a foodie. A chef,actually). What a bright spot! Thank you SO much!!!!! I feel like we are family! 🙂

    Thanks for your enthusiasm! We thrive on the foodie dialogue with our customer/bakers. Happy Baking! Irene @ KAF

  35. Amy

    Thanks for making me smile during lunch today. Love your products – love your blog – and it was great to see everyone laughing.

  36. Judy Weiss

    Would love a video tour of your store! Can we have one?
    What a great idea! I’ll pass your request on. Molly @ KAF

  37. Barb

    Thank you so much…. I love the look at the wonderful people at KAF. One day in the near future I hope to visit you at your place. You’ve spent a lot of time at mine over the holidays…. May you all have the best of the New Year…

  38. Christian M. Clough

    Happy new year. I enjoyed the cheer your staff conveyed in the video. It was nice to see some of the faces that bring such great service and high quality merchandise my way throughout the year. Need anyone on your team? (o: Keep checking our website to see what we have for openings. Mary@ KAF


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