It’s Party Time!: King Arthur Flour Celebrates its 220th Birthday

You probably already know that King Arthur Flour is the nation’s oldest flour company. We were founded in 1790 – and this year, we are celebrating our 220th year providing top-quality flour to home and professional bakers around the country.

To that end, on September 10 we hosted a pizza party for friends new and old at our headquarters in Norwich, Vermont. We welcomed baking enthusiasts from around the region, together shaping, topping, and enjoying homemade pizzas, and the cameraderie built through baking.

The great instructors from our Baking Education Center pitched in, preparing hundreds of pounds of pizza dough to be shaped by partygoers, and teaching them a range of techniques for achieving the desired shape and size. Everyone gathered around the workbenches and put their hands into the dough…

…some for the very first time, and with results to be proud of!

And then on to the toppings. Tomato sauce, pepperoni, spinach, caramelized onions, mozzerella. Each baker put his or her own finishing touches on…

…put their creation into the queue…

…and into the wood-fired oven the pizza went.

It is always a thing of beauty, watching the flames flare up and the pizzas brown and melt to perfection in mere minutes.

The results, of course, were delicious.

And folks from customer service, The Baker’s Store, and elsewhere in the company took turns cutting and serving the tasty pizza pies to a never-ending line of hungry guests!

And, of course, the cake! The talented bakers in the King Arthur Bakery whipped up this lovely creation – half white cake, half chocolate, all delicious, and with our company logo painted right onto it! We were even treated to a local a capella quartet, including one of our own employee-owners, singing a very special Happy Birthday to KAF!

We’ve built our business for the last 220 years on the foundation of pure, consistently high-performing flours, with a commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards in the industry, for our products, and the service we support them with – and discerning and loyal customers like you are what have made this model a success.

So to those who joined us in Norwich and the many who joined us in spirit, thank you for helping us celebrate. We look forward to being a trusted friend in your families’ kitchens for generations to come.

Want to throw your own pizza party? Please bake, rate, and review our recipe for Now or Later Pizza Crust.

Allison Furbish

Allison Furbish is a native of the Upper Valley, where King Arthur Flour is based, and an avid lifelong baker especially enthusiastic about anything chocolate.


  1. headchef

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I have been cooking with King Arthur Flours for over 25 years and continually adding different flours and trying mixes.

    Keep up all the good work and excellent, world class customer service.

    Have a great day.

  2. fdlsjl

    Congratulations, King Arthur!! WOW! To be celebrating 220 years really says it all about your company and your products.

    I really miss my pilgrimages to your Norwich store now that we are not living in VT. It is good to stay connected with this blog. Thankfully, our local store carries your flour here in the Southwest. I have told the manager several times how good your flour is and how happy I am to be able to buy it here! Baking is a whole new experience at 6500′ above sea level.

    Happy 220th Birthday, King Arthur, and may you have many, many more!

    Los Alamos, NM

    Thanks, Susan! We have some tips on high-altitude baking – maybe they’ll help! Have fun! -Allison

  3. Maria

    cont. from above…

    hearth baked pizza is THE BEST!… I wish I were there!

    As always, a wonderful post!
    Have the best year ever King Arthur!

  4. KimberlyD

    Happy Birthday KAF! That looked fun the pizza making. I once went to a local restaurant/bakery and did something similar. It was pretzel making, they already had the dough made like you did for the pizza. It was the best tasting pretzel I ever had, I think cause one it was fresh and hot and two I made it in a way, we had to roll it and shape it and put the salt on it. I would of loved being there for your pizza birthday party. And that cake it looks yummy also!
    Here to another 220 years!

  5. Sandy

    Wow…congratulations KAF. Here’s to that many more years! See you next month when I come up to visit my grands in NH. A trip to KAF is at the top of my list!

  6. Ricardo Neves Gonzalez - Petrópolis, R.J.- BRAZIL

    Wowww, what celebrationnn!!!!
    One thing i loved more in your party is the fact you celebrated this so important date with a simple, but delicious PIZZA!
    I was here in a cold day looking for some pizza recipe at KAF´s
    recipe page, but now i´d choosed this right one.
    I´ll bake this pizza and have all of Kaf´s staff, all of your dedicated members and professionals in my mind. Not only my mind but in the mind of my whole family, in a prayer to healthy years to KAF YEARS AND YEARS COMING!

    Well i may say that KAF is now important part in my life because with KAF I COULD LEARN AN ASTONISHING NEW TIPS AND HOW-TO-DO DELICIOUS NEW BAKER´S GOODS!


    Ricardo Neves Gonzalez

  7. Shirley

    Happy Birthday. Love my old KA pizza crust recipe! How could it be improved. Maybe the garlic oil for sure.
    Just say your add in my new Saveur magazine! No limits to great products and great service too!


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