Don’t forget the New Year’s pizza!

“Should auld acquaintance be forgot…”

We feel the sentiments expressed in Auld Lang Syne should apply just as easily to recipes as to friendships. How many times have you made a certain dish, enjoyed the heck out of it – then promptly forgotten it?

Plenty, right?

Thus we offer you, just in time for the New Year, an “heirloom” (2009) blog post for this tasty, crumb-topped pizza, a New Year’s Eve tradition in Sicily. Check it out: Pizza Sfincione.

Buon’Anno, one and all!

PJ Hamel

PJ Hamel grew up in New England, graduated from Brown University, and was a Maine journalist before joining King Arthur Flour in 1990. PJ bakes and writes from her home on Cape Cod, where she enjoys beach-walking, her husband, two dogs, and really good food!


  1. flowergardennj

    My grandma, Anna Lucia, used to make pizza like this for a treat. Almost the same! She would use her own canned tomatoes w basil, and break them up across the dough, and her own seasoned crumbs (of course). I am making this today, with anchovies, “Grandma style,” and thinking of her. Thank you!

  2. Mary

    We really enjoyed this pizza. Used leftover sour dough bread for crumbs and didn’t toast ahead – would definitely make it again.

  3. "Joni M from St. Louis"

    Wow is exactly the way to describe this wonderful pizza with all the crumbs and all! I was hesitant to make the whole pizza b/c there are only two of us these days and wondered about just doing half, but figured might as well as we like leftovers even though usually they aren’t as good as the first time around. In heating this up in the oven (not the micro) the next day–every bit as good as the first go around. I didn’t want to tire of it so I froze the rest and had the first of the frozen last night…every bit as good heated up in the toaster oven! This crust is spectacular and the tomatoes and onions are over the top…If you’ve been around awhile–this crust reminds me of what Pizza Hut deep dish used to be about 30 years or so ago…light and almost spongy,crispy around the edges, and just plain delicious! My go to crust was the Now or Later but this one will be “it” from now on! The onions and tomatoes take a little time to prepare, but good things await for those who plan ahead and are patient!!!

  4. fran16250

    I made this last night and WOW! The crust is awesome! Crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. The onions and tomatoes delicious. My husband said it tasted like french onion soup pizza. I will keep this recipe handy and use the crust with countless variations. I am eating a cold piece now for lunch. Thanks for another great recipe KAF!

  5. svanzutfen

    Happy New Year to you & KAF, too! Thanks for the great recipe. The pizza came out great and the half sheet pan that you sell is just terrific. So glad that I found KAF in 2010 and looking forward to 2011 with you.

    And Happy New Year to you! Thanks for sharing your success here, and we look forward to hearing more from you in 2011. 🙂 PJH

  6. marbarre

    We made this pizza for dinner tonight as we are attending a NYE party tomorrow (and bacon bites are my contribution….requested by the host) and wanted to have our family NYE celebration tonight. As always with your recipes, it was great, but what I really wanted to say in this post is thank you. I have been a KAF devotee for a long, long time. I think I have the distinction of having attended your first Baking Class, which was held in collaboration with NECI at the Hotel in Essex. The Sands were in attendance and it was great fun. I have always admired your company on so many levels…time to say thank you because even as you grow, you stay the same. I am so brand loyal, you would think I had stock..on every visit to the Bakers Store, my husband asks what I can possibly buy: “don’t you already own one of everything?”….hardly… are all simply the best!

    Aww, thanks so much! I was actually at that first NECI class, too; I think Brinna and I taught it together. It was a lot of fun, as I recall, despite not being in a kitchen. I recall shoving tables together, tablecloths hiding a lot of our equipment underneath, etc. We’ve come a long way since then; out little 8-person company is now 200+; Frank and Brinna have retired from the day to day, and have sold the company to us, the employees. But the spirit of the company I joined in 1990 is still there: friendly, warm, supportive, and devoted to “doing the right thing,” always. Thanks so much for your loyalty!! PJH

  7. mdlrvrmuncher

    Made this last year and it was delicious and filling. Use the best tomatoes you can.
    This was another KAF Christmas. I made the chocolate cherry panettone (mine don’t rise as well yours), no knead bread, and chocolate cheesecake. Thanks for great products and service. Your blog gives me the confidence to bake and eat.

    Thanks for connecting here – we appreciate your kind words of support. PJH

  8. svanzutfen

    You keep reading our minds! Earlier in the week, I wondered what to do with our leftover ham and you posted the Ham Biscuits recipe (which we made!) and our ham was put to good use.

    Then, I talked with my husband last night and shook my head as he asked for pizza for our New Year’s Eve dinner. I make pizza (KAF’s Now or Later Pizza) all the time, but he insisted. Also, I had been wondering what to make in my brand new half sheet pan from KAF (a lovely Christmas gift). I had no idea that both my husband’s request for pizza and my half sheet pan recipe idea would both be answered in today’s Baking Banter post. Thank you for offering up this “heirloom”. We’ll be giving it a try!

    Enjoy – and Happy New Year. 🙂 PJH


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