Blog & Bake: Making Friends, Finding Inspiration

At King Arthur Flour, we believe in the power of baking to bring people together.

That’s the theory behind virtually all of our work here – and it’s certainly a good excuse for King Arthur Flour Blog & Bake™, our annual invitation-only gathering of food bloggers here at our Baking Education Center in Norwich, Vermont.Invite

The 2013 event, coming up April 21-23, is our third go at the intimate multi-day baking retreat (you can read our posts about 2011 and 2012), and we think it’ll be the best yet. Our schedule includes a Vermont farm tour; a reception and educational session with Cabot Creamery Cooperative; hands-on classes making pizza, bread, pies, and blitz puff pastry; a blogging and social media discussion with our team; and a delicious demonstration from Simon Pearce Chef Jerod Rockwell, plus dinner in their Quechee restaurant.


Blog & Bake is all about bringing people together, and it’s a joy to finally meet in-person some of the many folks we’ve worked with only through email and phone. It has been a pleasure to watch previous attendees as they build their names in the world of blogging and beyond.


The ongoing relationships we’ve formed have been inspiring, enlightening, and fun for us, the bloggers, and our readers and customers; they provide a rich source of fresh ideas and opportunities for everyone.

Just as valuable are the relationships formed among the bloggers – we love to see the collaborations that have sprung from introductions made at Blog & Bake.

This year’s guests include:

Eva – Adventures in Cooking

Audra – The Baker Chick

David – Spiced

Rebecca – Foodie with Family

Erika – In Erika’s Kitchen

Brandy – Nutmeg Nanny

Carole – Heirloom Meals

Jennifer – Bake or Break

Marnely – Cooking with Books

Kate – Food Babbles

Jen – Tiny Urban Kitchen

Katie – Healthy Seasonal Recipes

Tara Bench – Food & Entertaining Director at Ladies’ Home Journal

Next month, we’ll tell you all about the fun we had at Blog & Bake 2013. In the meantime, we encourage you to get to know these bloggers – we think you’ll like them as much as we do.

Allison Furbish

Allison Furbish is a native of the Upper Valley, where King Arthur Flour is based, and an avid lifelong baker especially enthusiastic about anything chocolate.


  1. Judy Kelly

    I took your bread making class in Vermont last November and LOVED every minute of it! I make croissants and lavosh all the time. I found that rolling the lavosh to desired thinness was oh so laborious so I had a light bulb moment.
    I now use the roller attachment for my Kitchenaide to do all the hard work. I start with small pieces on setting one, the go thru until setting 5. It’s perfect!

  2. Donald Pruchnic

    I feel like I have been hood winked .I bought the Zojuruusshi machine and love it to the end of time. That being said I bought a lot of mixes for this machine like 50 different mixes and when using some the are expired all ready and fail in the machine. When purchasing these no one said anything about expiration dates. Or be carefull they expire quickly. I took advantage of 20 % off and free shipping. We’re did it get me. Kaf users beware of expiration dates.

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      Donald, we’re sorry to hear about your disappointment. Our standard practice is to ship out mixes with expiration dates at least three to six months in the future, but typically they are about one year from the date of production. If this wasn’t the case with your mixes, please consider giving our Customer Support Team a call at 800-827-6836 so we can look into this further. Also, you can always put your mixes in the freezer to help keep them fresh for longer. I hope that helps! Kye@KAF

    2. Donald Pruchnic

      I spoke to your customer service representative her response was use baking powder on the scones mixes if they are out dated and yeast on the cake boxes unless the flour smells old. First of all there was no explanation of expiration dates dealing with KA why would there be. Then it was suggested that I can put these in my freezer until ready to use. How big of a freezer do you think I have? KFA users beware of expiration dates you do not get answers they Dance around the issue of not telling you the expiration dates or for warn you of that.

    3. The Baker's Hotline

      Donald, we’re sorry for any unintentional confusion that resulted from your call. Like all perishable food items, our products are required to have a “best-by” date printed on the label. While freezing certain products, like flour, can extend the shelf-life, our recommendation is always to use a product within its best-by period. There are certain tips and tricks, like those shared with you during your conversation with one of our Employee Owners, that can sometimes help to revive expired products, but we simply can not guarantee the performance or safety of any product past its best-by date. We hope this helps to clarify and ask that you give us another call at 800-827-6826 if you have any additional questions. Otherwise, we wish you very happy baking. Mollie@KAF

  3. kathleen

    I have purchased the KA Whole Grain GLUTEN FREE flour, and would love some recipes for a good loaf of bread. Store-bought gluten frees are not very good. KA please keep your whole grain GF on the shelves. It makes great biscuits.

  4. Ally's Sweet & Savory Eats

    I’m excited to hear about Blog & Bake next month – hope to someday get to King Arthur flour and see where my delicious flour comes from! Have fun this weekend!


  5. Tiffany

    Until this year, I had never even heard of King Arthur flour. I only stumbled upon this site after Christmas while searching for recipes to use up leftover eggnog. Found the recipe for Cinnamon-Eggnog Scones which led me down the Baker’s Banter rabbit hole…and I didn’t resurface until I’d read all 5 years of blogs. This community you’ve built is so full of inspiration, it is almost magical. I am already crazy about baking, but my sister? She would proudly tell anyone that she hated it, and truly never baked a single cookie her first 40 years of life. Well, I kept barraging her with links to different entries in your blog. No joke, after she started reading she became so inspired that she bought a bread machine and today called me to tell me she’d made her first pain de mie. You guys succeeded in making pigs fly here in Toronto! We are your two newest fans!! All the best at your Blog ‘n Bake. I hope one day you’ll visit us here in Canada. 🙂

    Well I am so glad that you were able to find us! It is amazing that our little blog could help change the mind of your sister; I think people that hate baking hate it because it seems too difficult. However, we try to make it as accessible as possible. Hopefully we will visit Canada, we are not too far away!-Jon

  6. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    I would love to go to this! I know many of the bloggers you listed and what an amazing event. Learning from the best, in the company of friends, with our big cameras out documenting every second of it. So fun! Please take this on the road 🙂 Come to SoCal!
    We already have Traveling Baking Demos going to 8 different US locations every year…your idea sounds like a great one! Thank you for following us, Averie! Elisabeth


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