Dessert nachos: A fresh take on tortillas

Around our house, there’s nearly always a stack of fresh tortillas in the bread basket.

In fact, tortillas are to my kitchen what the Internet is to the young adults who hang around said kitchen.

How so?

Just like the ‘net, tortillas are always there, and they can solve any problem in an instant. (Yeah, I know. Take that statement with a large grain of salt).

Need breakfast? Spread peanut butter on a tortilla, wrap up a banana, and you’re good to go.

Avocado getting ripe? Smash it up on a tortilla, throw in some turkey, and you’ve got lunch.

Heck, why not use the Internet to find new ways to use a tortilla? For instance, these dessert nachos.

Simple yet so delicious, you don’t really even need a written recipe. As long as you have Soft Flour Tortillas on hand, plus some fresh fruit and a little ricotta cheese, you’re in like Flynn.

First, the fruit:


Strawberries are at the height of their season right now, so they’re a great choice.

Dice up about a quart of berries, sprinkle them with just a touch of sugar, and stir in some shredded fresh mint.

Instant strawberry salsa! Peaches, pineapple, plums, and mango would all make great fresh salsas, too.


For the creamy dip, mix together 8 ounces ricotta cheese, 1/4 cup confectioners’ sugar, and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla until smooth.

Fold in 1 cup whipped cream to fluff it up. Store in the fridge for at least an hour, for the flavors to blend and marry. (Hence the plastic container I mixed in. I’ll put it all in a pretty bowl later).


Well hey there, Chloe! Chloe is the resident furbaby at our photo studio.

She’s very good about staying out of the kitchen area where we make the food, but nothing says she doesn’t give us the “sad eyes” treatment occasionally. Sorry girl, no nachos for you.


While the salsa and cream are resting in the fridge, let’s make the tortillas. You can skip to the recipe to see all the ingredient amounts and steps, then come on back here. I’ll just give you the highlights.

Mix the dough by hand, or machine.


Rest the dough, well wrapped.

Divide the dough into equal portions and roll flat.

Cook on an ungreased griddle until golden brown.


Ahem, Chloe. Yes, I mean it. No nachos for doggies. I promise I’ll make you some biscuits next time.


Back to our nachos.  Lightly butter a cooled tortilla and cover it with cinnamon sugar. I love our Cinnamon-Sugar Plus for this. The sugar is extra-fine, so you get great coverage and fast melting.

Cut the sweet tortilla into wedges, and place sugar-side up on a foil-lined baking sheet.


Place the baking sheet under the broiler for 3 to 5 minutes, or until the sugar melts and begins to bubble.


Allow the chips to cool slightly, then serve with the sweet ricotta cream and fresh fruit salsa. A heaping bowl full of cinnamon nacho chips would also make a great addition to a dessert buffet, or an ice cream bar.

I’m wondering how good these would be when used as a base for s’mores? Anyone out there willing to give it a try, you know, for science?

**REMINDER** There is no printable recipe for these Dessert Nachos. Just use your favorite tortillas and fruits and make the recipe your own.

Other great uses for tortillas:


Chicken Tomatillo Tortillas


Grilled Pineapple Summer Salsa


Okay Chloe, this one’s for you: Dog Biscuits


MaryJane Robbins

MaryJane Robbins grew up in Massachusetts and moved to Vermont 20 years ago. After teaching young children for 15 years, she changed careers and joined King Arthur Flour in 2005. MaryJane began working on King Arthur Flour's baker’s hotline in 2006, and the blog team ...


  1. Ann DeLong

    tortillas can be even easier – try my 1-2-3 method – 1 cup boiling water, 2 cups flour, 3 T oil. Using a very similar method where you combine the flour and oil with your fingers, then add boiling water.

  2. skeptic7

    Can you discuss the traditional corn tortillas? I never made them but i am looking into cooking more with corn as I have friends who are avoiding gluten. Are they hard to make? How long do they keep? Do I need a press?

    I have two suggestions: For Gluten-Free tortillas (no corn): and the second for a blog about doing corn masa tortillas: you will do best with a press, but you can work with a rolling pin, too, it just takes persistence and patience. I can’t recommend reading through several blogs about making corn tortillas as they will invariably show you the basics– Best, Kim@KAF

  3. Susie

    I just had strawberry jam and sour cream on thin bread. This crispy creation sounds even better!

    Yum, sounds like a perfect combination!-Jon

  4. Rowena

    I love the dessert tortilla idea and other ideas mentioned. Will definitely try several of them. Thank you and keep up the good work! RgW

  5. Teresa

    I think you should give Chloe a bite!
    I’ll usually give her cheese, or one time even smoked salmon. She’s a love, for sure. ~ MJ

  6. Shirley

    These look great! Can these be made gluten-free. Would like to make them for a group but need the tortillas to be gluten-free.

    Shirley, our Gluten-Free Tortillas should fill the bill – good luck and enjoy! PJH


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