Quick Pots de Creme: Easy sweet

Raise your hand – who wants to make the fastest, easiest, richest-creamiest-chocolatiest ELEGANT dessert – ever?

OK, hands down.

As in hands down, these Quick Pots de Crême are the best darned “chocolate pudding” you’ve ever tasted.

Start your stopwatch – you’ll discover just how quick these really are.


Place 1 cup chocolate chips, 1/8 teaspoon salt, 2 tablespoons sugar, and 1/2 teaspoon espresso powder (optional) in a blender or food processor and pulse until finely ground.

Add 1 large egg and pulse just until the mixture is smooth.

Note: If you worry about food safety issues around uncooked eggs, use a pasteurized egg.

Heat 1 cup heavy cream to just below a boil, with small bubbles forming around the edge of the saucepan (or microwave-safe bowl). Turn on the blender or processor, and slowly add the cream. Scrape down the sides of the container if necessary.

Add 1 teaspoon vanilla extract; or 2 tablespoons liqueur, if desired. Here I’ve opted for Kahlua. Pulse to blend.


Divide among 6 individual serving cups, about 1/3 cup crême in each. Cover with plastic wrap, not touching the surface. I put the six ramekins in a 9″ x 13″ pan, then covered the pan with plastic wrap; consolidating them made it easier to move the crêmes around.

OK, here comes the not-so-fast part: Refrigerate until firm, at least 2 hours.

The crêmes will become quite solid; firmer than pudding, somewhere between the texture of thick Greek yogurt and cream cheese.


Serve with whipped cream, if desired. Or, as I’ve done here, with a simple splash of heavy cream, raspberries on the side.

Or simply garnish with a sprinkle of confectioners’ sugar and fresh berries.

Then again, you can also turn this into instant-gratification, no-bake chocolate cream pie!

Here’s how I do it: Crush 24 cream-filled chocolate sandwich cookies (about 9 1/2 ounces cookies) in your food processor. Add 1/4 cup melted butter; pulse to blend. Press the mixture into the bottom and up the sides of a 9″ pie pan. Place in the fridge to chill while you make the pots de crême, which will now become pie filling.



Double the pots de crême recipe, using 2 cups chips, 2 eggs, 2 cups cream, etc. Pour it into the chilled crust.


Depending on the depth of your pie pan (this pan is 1 1/2″ deep), you may have extra crême left over; I had about 1/4 cup. No problem – just pour it into a little cup and stash in the fridge – baker’s treat!


Chill the pie in the fridge until cold, then place in the freezer, covered in plastic wrap. Once frozen, it’ll be quite hard; remove it from the freezer about 30 minutes before you want to slice and serve it.

So, what are you waiting for? In the time it took you to read this blog post – you could have had Quick Pots de Crême chilling for tonight’s dessert!

Read, make, and review (please) our recipe for Quick Pots de Crême.

Print just the recipe.

Note: Again, if you worry about raw eggs and food safety issues, use a pasteurized egg in this recipe.



PJ Hamel

PJ Hamel grew up in New England, graduated from Brown University, and was a Maine journalist before joining King Arthur Flour in 1990. PJ bakes and writes from her home on Cape Cod, where she enjoys beach-walking, her husband, two dogs, and really good food!


  1. SusaJayne

    Thanks, I have been looking for a recipe that uses the whole egg. Hate having those whites left over! Also love the processor method!

    1. boxplayer

      But leftover whites do make lovely meringues . . .

      So true. I’ve been known to hide a little bit of chocolate inside a meringue shell, for a happy surprise! Susan

  2. Alison T

    Has anyone ever tried it with half and half? I have enough recipes that I can just as well spread on my belly to stay than eat, but would love it if it works with a lower fat dairy product than heavy cream 🙂
    For the best results, stick with the heavy cream for the texture. Invite over a few friends, go for a nice walk first, then enjoy your well-earned desserts! ~ MJ

  3. Dayle Rutledge

    Here’s a combination you can’t beat. Pot de crème ~ fresh raspberry jam ~ glass of rich merlot. This is always a great ending to a wonderful evening with friends.
    and here I thought it was warm cookies and milk. I love the idea though, it sounds so lovely. ~ MJ

  4. maureen

    Sounds delicious. The only thing that concerns me is the uncooked egg. What do you think??
    If you have any concerns over using uncooked or undercooked eggs, be sure to use pasteurized eggs. ~ MJ

  5. Bonnie

    Any chance this can be made dairy free? I have soy chocolate chips but can anything replace the heavy cream?
    I did a little quick research online and it seems that you can use full fat coconut milk for the heavy cream. I would suggest looking up a dairy-free recipe to follow, just to be sure of the outcome. ~ MJ

    1. Laurel K

      You can definitely make this dairy free! I make another recipe very similar to this using EnjoyLife chocolate chips (dairy free!) and coconut milk. Super delicious 🙂

  6. Abbie Gentry

    Will this work with pasteurized eggs (like egg substitute)?
    Pasteurized eggs in the shell, for sure. Egg substitutes are mostly egg white, so the results would be very different. Stick to eggs in the shell. ~ MJ

  7. Anne Marie

    Are you covering to avoid pudding leather on the top? That’s the BEST PART!
    Pudding leather! I like that metaphor, Ann Marie. I have never been a big fan of it, but will not turn it down either! Elisabeth


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