Introducing the New King Arthur Flour Bake Truck: Rolling to a festival near you

King Arthur Flour is excited to introduce (drum roll, please) our brand new Bake Truck!

Pretty snazzy, right? You can’t miss this truck. With its 22′ spatula on top and rolling pin bumper, it makes quite an impression. As you can imagine, we’ve received many waves and honks on the highway.



The truck is outfitted with two convection ovens, a refrigerator and a freezer–and is surprisingly spacious.

If you’re an avid King Arthur Flour fan, you’ve probably heard of our Bake for Good initiative. King Arthur Flour is on a mission to inspire people to do good through baked goods.

Our Bake Truck will travel to fairs, festivals, and other fun events to spread the joy of baking. Our hope is that by sharing delicious treats, others will be encouraged to do the same. It’s so easy to put a smile on someone’s face, when you hand them a homemade baked good.

We’re connecting with a local food-related charity in each city that we travel to. We’ll both raise awareness, and collect donations for the organization.


The Bake Truck’s first outing was the Waterbury Arts Festival in Waterbury, VT. It was a beautiful Vermont day to enjoy music, entertainment and good food.

We served Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies – loaded with chocolate chips and the whole-grain power of oats. The alluring smell wafted from the truck, drawing people in for a warm cookie.


Who can say no to a warm, ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie? Not many, in our experience. Visitors of all ages walked away smiling, and sighing “mmm yum.”


Check to see if the Bake Truck is coming to an event near you. We hope to see you soon – we’ll have a warm treat waiting.

In the meantime, who will you bake for? We love to bake for family, friends and our customers.

*Thanks to Julia Reed, who took these photos. If you’re in a photo and would like a copy e-mailed to you, please contact Julia:

Natasha Wood

Natasha Wood grew up in Vermont, just down the road from King Arthur Flour. In fact, she started working at our Baker's Store while still in high school. After graduating from Lasell College in 2012, Natasha joined the King Arthur marketing team, where she coordinates baking ...


  1. Kat

    Oh…cookies….My best friend and I baked FOUR peach cakes last night! Two are going to Bible study with us tonight. Thanks to your gluten free cake mix all our friends can enjoy our goodies! #KAF4Ever

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      Thank you so much for sharing Kat! We’re glad we could help to fuel your study session and keep up all that good work in the kitchen! Happy Baking! Jocelyn@KAF

  2. Sean

    Though I don’t live there anymore, I think my hometown of Boulder City, NV would be a great place for the bake truck to stop if you go out west. They have a number of fairs throughout the year. The one that would be most appropriate would probably be Spring Jamboree which happens every year usually the last weekend in April.

  3. Lyna

    Sweet! Looks like a great idea!
    After Savanna GA, go northwest ’til you come to Huntsville, Alabama, please! You could visit the Space and Rocket Center or see the Galaxy of Lights at the Botanical Garden. We can guarantee no parkas or snow boots needed anywhere! (Might have to stop in that wide spot known as Atlanta before you get here, though.)

    1. Lyna

      Food trucks are relatively new to Huntsville, 2014 is our first “Food Truck Season” ( .
      If you could squeeze us in between New Bern and Lexington, NC, on October 17 you could join the 15 food trucks already scheduled for the final event, the UAH Hockey Tailgate Party! (

      Yes, we have hockey in Alabama, along with genuine rocket scientists (AKA ‘missile engineers’) !

  4. Tobi Cooney

    You asked who do we bake for? I bake for my childrens’ high school Varsity Cross Country Teams – both the boys and girls. I always use King Arthur Flour. I bake for every meet. Even if I can’t attend in person I send baked goods with my kids for the entire team. When I show up the first thing the athletes say is “what did you make for us today?” Even the coach will ask if he can have some. Of course! I always make the King Arthur Breakfast cookies with walnuts/oats/craisins/coconut/chocolate chips as the mix ins for their really big meets – the Woods Trail run in Thetford, VT and then the State Meet. Last year the kids gave me my own team sweatshirt with “Team Baker” stitched on it.

    1. Natasha Wood, post author

      Thanks for sharing, Tobi. As an athlete myself, I always enjoyed when parents made us treats! -NW

  5. sp

    I see that the wonderful cookie truck will be driving through NH 3 times. How about a stop in NH-your neighbor-instead of just passing through? I will be sad if I see the truck on the road and have no chance at great King Arthur cookies. Please find a place in NH to visit, we’d love to see you and get cookies.

  6. Carolyn

    I know it’s last minute but the North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh is scheduled for October 16-26 this year. I’m sure the attendees would appreciate some warm cookies on a few of those days. (Your baking demos are always popular when they come to town.)

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      I don’t know if we can make it this year, but I’ll pass on your suggestion. It sounds like a wonderful place to be in October! Barb@KAF

  7. omaria

    I sure hope you will hit the West coast in 2015. The Temecula Wine and balloon festival for one would be greatly enhanced by your truck. San Diego and Los Angeles ? How much fun that would be !!

    As someone who gets to crew on the truck from time to time, I’m happy to add my endorsement to this one with the powers that be!!! Susan.

  8. Clare

    Please come to Franklin or Nashville, TN. When I saw how far Jonesborough, TN was from where I live in Central Tennessee, I knew my husband wouldn’t understand my obsession to drive there the first weekend of October.

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      Hi Clare, I will let our truckers know you would like them to stop in Nashville. I can’t promise they will, but it certainly is a tempting detour!~Jaydl@KAF

  9. Jackie

    Please come to San Diego, CA …would you post where you will be traveling and when?
    Would live to meet some of KAF staff/owners

  10. Sandi

    I work for a non profit that benefits single parent families and part of our program deals nutrition and showing are parents how to provide good meals and snacks for their families. We would love to have King Arthur Flour come to our city and help us bring awareness to the nutritional needs of our families!

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      We are always looking for more places to go Sandi! Please call our corporate number, 1-802-299-2240. We will connect you to our Marketing Program Director. Thank you for inquiring! Elisabeth@KAF

  11. Clara Coffey

    I was going to suggest coming to New Orleans for some of our festivals , but after reading the blog I think you need a lot more trucks.

  12. Patricia Snyder

    Would you consider driving your “delicious” truck to a small town in Illinois ~ named after our `16th President, Abraham Lincoln, to be a part of the Harvest of Talents for World Hunger, an annual event that raises funds to alleviate world hunger. The Harvest calls on its participants to use their God given talents to create items to be sold on the 4th Saturday in October. This past Harvest I made 13 kinds of scones to be sold in the Lincolnberry Cafe. In 2015 we were able to raise over $110,000.00 to go to International Disaster Emergency Service to meet hunger needs worldwide. EVERY PENNY raised goes for world hunger. We are unique and we would like to share our story with the world ~ and we would love to share your wonderful handmade goodies as well. Would so much like to visit with you sometime ~ how about it? We are blessed and you will be also!

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      Your town sounds great, Patricia. I will certainly pass on the suggestion for the truck to visit! Jon@KAF

  13. Judy gross

    Would love to have the awesome truck at the Union Fair, union ,Maine Aug. 18 -26, 2018, when King Arthur sponsors our Blueberry baking contests!


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