Hot off the presses: Sift, our new magazine, is here!

Less than a week ago, the printing presses were rolling, turning out the results of 9 months’ worth of writing, dreaming, photographing, and baking. Lots of baking. All so we could bring you our newest publication: a magazine called Sift. It weighs in at a little more than 3/4 pound – 108 pages altogether.

I just now got my advance copy from the printer. Even though I know every comma, period, photo, and story in it, I’m beside myself excited to see the final product in person. Even the paper is beautiful. I confess I pet the cover the same way I do the cat for a few minutes.

By the time you read this, you’ll be able to see it, too.

Sift magazineIs there anything more satisfying than picking up a magazine about something you love, that feels good in your hands, and will keep you company while you settle in for a virtual trip to other places, other kitchens, other flavors?

A good magazine is like dessert for your mind: a treat, something you’ll remember and come back to, something you look forward to spending time with.

We did our best to make sure Sift is all of those things, and maybe a little more. More than 60 recipes. Articles on collecting, and entertaining. A tour of four great cities and their iconic sandwiches…


Philadelphia’s true sandwich darling isn’t what you might think: these days the locals are chowing down on roast pork sandwiches to die for.

…with stories and recipes from some of our favorite bloggers: Jim and Jena at Little Rusted Ladle, Joy, at Joy the Baker, Alexandra Stafford of  Alexandra’s Kitchen, and Farley Elliott in LA at OverOverUnder.

homeboy bakery baker

This is Marlin Marldondo, a Homeboy baker looking to move up through the ranks.

Features about baking and how it can change things in this world, the way it does at Homeboy Bakery. Check out this video if you want to know more about gang bangers changing their lives at this amazing place.


Paska, with two different ways of decorating.

And a beautiful collection of Easter breads, with notes about their historical and cultural significance.


One of Julia Reed’s photos from the essay, “Fire, Steam and Sugar” page 68.

One of my favorite things about the magazine is the chance to share with you the incredible talents of King Arthur’s multi-media producer, Julia Reed, who not only takes photographs we all can envy, but writes a mean hand. She’s every editor’s dream.

You’ll learn a little more about some of our other employee-owners, too. From Brian Barthelmes, who illustrated the back cover, to Jeffrey Hamelman, a Certified Master Baker and head of our King Arthur Flour Bakery. He’s also a beekeeper, and we wanted to know more. In our article he talks about the beauty of bees…

ginger-honey-brioche…and shares his recipe for Ginger-Honey Brioche. How anything that light and tender can be just-enough sweet and spicy at the same time is a revelation.

There’s much, much more inside. We just wanted you to know it’s now available, from us, and at just about every major grocery store (look for it in the magazine section; it costs $12.95), bookstore, and newsstand.

In many ways, this magazine is our most sincere expression of all the things we love about the world of food and baking. We hope you’ll join us on the journey. Live. Breathe. Bake.


Update and answers to your questions

You’ve been so incredibly enthusiastic in your response, we wanted to answer your most frequently asked questions right up front.

Subscriptions? Not at this time. This is a new business venture for us, and we want to see how it goes for now.

Digital  edition?  Again, not at this time, but if and when we do so, it would be on all major platforms.

Does my Baking Sheet subscription transfer over to Sift?  When The Baking Sheet retired, all current subscribers received either an email or a card with a code for King Arthur credit for the balance of their subscription plus a bit extra. That credit can most certainly be applied to buying a copy of Sift, and if you’ve lost the email, you can contact customer care and we’ll look up your code for you.

Why is it so expensive? Sift is filled with months of work and the creative talents of many writers, photographers, illustrators, designers, art directors, and even a chef and editor. The paper and binding are worthy of keeping on your coffee table or bookshelf. With more than 60 recipes, there’s more to bake and cook in this issue than I was able to fit into three combined issues of The Baking Sheet, which would have had a cover price of $14.85. Our quest is for quality, and for your satisfaction. We think once you have an issue in your hands, you’ll have both. 

Susan Reid

Chef Susan Reid grew up in New Jersey, graduated from Bates College and the Culinary Institute of America, and is presently the Food Editor of Sift magazine. She does demos, appearances, and answers food (and baking) questions from all quarters.


  1. Mary Hooke

    As soon as I got the e-mail about SIFT, I went searching. I live in Fishkill, NY and found the magazine in Barnes and Noble. Will check the supermarkets also and post.
    Magazine looks wonderful, can’t wait to relax and read it. Good luck! I hope it is a big success!

  2. Lisa

    It looks like a stunning publication, one that would be enjoyed from cover to cover, except that with a celiac child, I am very hesitant to pay that amount for what would amount to probably less than half the content that would be relevant to us. The non-GF community can certainly benefit from your inclusion of a GF article, however the reverse is not true. Perhaps considering doing a magazine just for those that need GF as all of your GF products and recipes are outstanding. I for one am sad to be missing out on whatever it is that was in your article, but really have to watch every penny given the added expense of our child’s special diet. 🙁

    1. Susan Reid, post author

      I completely hear you, Lisa. GF ingredients are expensive, and when it’s something as important as your child’s health, they’re not exactly optional. Hopefully your library will bring in a copy…Susan

    1. Susan Reid, post author

      Thanks so much, Miriam. Wait until you get your hands on it; it’s one of the most touchable things I’ve ever been around! Susan

  3. Corey

    So I just read article about Sift, I recognized the Susan signature 🙂 I adore her, was a favorite instructor of mine at NECI I am so happy to know where she is now.

    1. Susan Reid, post author

      Hey, Corey, great to hear from you! I’m glad to hear you were a fan. We made some great food in those kitchens, didn’t we? Susan

    1. Susan Reid, post author

      Hi, Kathleen. We’re not doing subscriptions just at this time; Sift is a new adventure for us, and we’re going to see how it does before we go to the considerable effort of setting up subscriptions. Once we have a track record in place, we’re hoping to take the title quarterly, then we’ll look at subscriptions. Susan

  4. Patricia

    Love all of your products. Sometimes I can buy them in stores, but not sure how fresh they are, so I buy from KA! Looking forward to your new magazine.

  5. Toni

    Congratulations, KAF, on what looks to be another outstanding publication. I loved the Baker’s Sheet and was sorry to see it end, but SIFT looks like it is Baker’s Sheet on steroids. Thanks for continually being product-worthy, publication-worthy and person-worthy. Can’t wait to get my copy!!

    1. Susan Reid, post author

      Thanks, Toni. Sift is the realization of a lot of creative wishes, and it’s gratifying that people are giving it such an enthusiastic reception! Susan

  6. Tiena

    I read in response to an earlier comment that Sift is available in Canadian grocery stores, Sobeys, Metro and Great Atlantic Superstores. So glad to see it is available in Canada, thank you. Looking forward to getting my copy, hopefully later today!

    1. Susan Reid, post author

      As a longtime fan of the land of the maple leaf, I can say I’m pretty pleased to have Sift available in your fair and native land! Susan

  7. Carolyn Klie

    Many years ago I loved your magazine. When you stopped it I was so disappointed. Still use the recipes in them, especially the granola recipe and the holiday ones. I am on
    my way now to buy this new one and know I will love it!

  8. Edie

    Will there be a large portion of baking recipes and tips or will this magazine be mostly sandwiches and dinner recipes etc.?

    1. Susan Reid, post author

      Baking is certainly the centerpiece, Edie, but we wanted to look a little wider, to spreads and meals as well. Susan

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