Coconut Macaroons 3 Ways: Easy add-ins to make your sweets special

Sometimes when I’m sitting in my poofy chair with a chubby poodle in my lap, watching a classic noir movie like “Laura” or “Rebecca,” I feel like I should have a tray of bonbons by my side to make the setting complete.

My stash of Belgian chocolates depleted after the holidays, I’m ready to get a little funky and creative with a family confection favorite, coconut macaroons.

I have to say, before I discovered our King Arthur Flour Coconut Macaroon Mix, I never ever made macaroons from scratch. They were purchased at bakeries only; I thought they were too fussy to be made at home.

Would you believe that this mix only requires boiling water? That’s it, just water. Mix, scoop, and bake for snowy white, sweet-and-chewy macaroons with toasty tips and crispy browned bottoms.

Hold on to your Bogart, though, we’re going to make three variations that will have you putting your lips together and whistling in appreciation. Use our convenient mix; or make Our Bakery’s Coconut Macaroons from scratch.

First up, chocolate cherry coconut macaroons.

Coconut Macaroons 3 ways via @kingarthurflour

Chocolate Cherry Coconut Macaroons

Once your coconut macaroon dough has been made and cooled (if necessary), stir in:

1/2 cup mini chocolate chips
1/2 cup diced candied cherries (or maraschino cherries if you prefer)
1/4 teaspoon cherry flavor

I made my first batch without the cherry flavor, and they were good. But with the flavor, they were outstanding! Do try to use it if you can.

Scoop, bake, and cool as directed on the package, or in the recipe.

Coconut Macaroons 3 ways via @kingarthurflour

German Chocolate Macaroons

This next version is based on the topping recipe for German Chocolate Cake. Sweet coconut, chopped pecans, and chocolate chips, drizzled with homemade caramel sauce.

Using our earlier proportions of 1 total cup of added ingredients,  add 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips and 1/2 cup diced pecans to your coconut macaroon batter. Bake as directed on the box or in the recipe.

Cool the macaroons to room temperature, then drizzle with caramel sauce. Be sure your cookies are cooled, or the sauce will soak in instead of remaining on top.

If Bogey said “A hot dog at the ball park is better than steak at the Ritz,” then I think a macaroon at home is better than a macaron in Paris – especially when you’re watching “The African Queen” with your honey.

Coconut Macaroons 3 ways via @kingarthurflour

Joyful Almond Macaroons

Speaking of sharing with loved ones, if you know someone who’s a fan of Almond Joy candy bars, up the game and make them some homemade coconut macaroons with all of their favorite flavors.

For this version, bake your macaroons plain. Cool completely, then place on a baking sheet in the freezer for at least 30 minutes, to firm up.

To make your dipping chocolate, melt 1 1/2 cups of chopped chocolate or good quality chocolate chips in a double boiler. Pour it into a narrow bowl, so that you have a deep well of chocolate to dip into.

Following my fellow blogger Posie’s tips for chocolate dipping, submerge your frozen coconut macaroons until they are nearly covered. Leaving a little space at the base shows off the toasted coconut  goodness, and an almond on top completes this joyful treat. ( I know, I couldn’t resist the pun.) In fact, any of these versions can be dipped in chocolate – it’s all up to you.

Once the chocolate sets, you can store these at room temperature; no need for the freezer again.

Coconut Macaroons 3 ways via @kingarthurflour

There now, isn’t that lovely? I think I’m ready to fire up the old Philco for another afternoon of classics. Hey, New Englanders: do you remember the Creature Double Feature on Saturday afternoons? Channel 56 was the place to be for all of your B-movie favorites. Having a plate full of these is just what the (mad) doctor ordered.

We hope you enjoy these variations on coconut macaroons, and would love to hear about your own twists in our comment section below. While you’re there, feel free to give us your favorite classic movie recommendations – memories and quotes, too!

Please make, rate, and review our recipe for Our Bakery’s Coconut Macaroons.

Print just the recipe.

My thanks to fellow employee-owner Nic Doak for the photos in this post.

MaryJane Robbins

MaryJane Robbins grew up in Massachusetts and moved to Vermont 20 years ago. After teaching young children for 15 years, she changed careers and joined King Arthur Flour in 2005. MaryJane began working on King Arthur Flour's baker’s hotline in 2006, and the blog team ...


  1. Donna

    The macaroons made with sweetened condensed milk bear no resemblance to those made with the mix. The mix makes cookies that are sweet and light. Not gummy as the condensed milk can often be.

    Wish you try the mix, just once.

  2. Ari

    I don’t know why you’d need a mix for macaroons. Each recipe I’ve tried is a 2-3 ingredient, 1 bowl affair. The easiest is 1 bag of sweetened shredded coconut and 1 can of sweetened condensed milk. Most other recipes involve sweetened shredded coconut, egg whites, and sugar. It’s not at all difficult.

    1. sandy

      Ari – I think that the decision to use a mix is really based on three things: the quality of the product, the convenience of the mix, and the cost. For me, the macroon mix is very helpful. The cookies from the mix are really good (quality). I buy one product, not several ingredients, and with my busy life that is important. Then all I do is add boiling water, shape and bake (convenience). In my area the cost of the mix is not much higher than the cost of the individual ingredients added together (cost). So even if the mix doesn’t make sense to you to use, it does for me. To each his own.

  3. Carol Merritt

    Yikes, where can I get King Arthur coconut macaroon mix? Have a sister who loves all things coconut. This would be a great gift to send to her with the recipes.

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      We are happy to hear you are eager to give these techniques a try, Carol! You have a lucky sister. 🙂 Our coconut macaroon mix is exclusively available at our Baker’s Store in Vermont as through our online store. You can order it here! Kye@KAF

  4. Alissa

    The perfect passover treat! Though being too far to get the mix means I’ll be making it from scratch. Will the mix-ins work just as all with the homemade version? I will definitely make all three.

    1. MaryJane Robbins, post author

      HI Alissa,
      Yes, you can use the same ideas for the add-ins with your homemade macs as well. Chag Sameach! ~ MJ

  5. Deidre

    How many people know Vincent Price was a true gourmet and an amazing cook? I have a beautiful edition of “A Treasury Of Great Recipes” that he and his wife gathered from visits to famous restaurants world-wide. Among all the wonderful recipes is the greatest flan recipe in the world!

    1. Anita B Conrad

      Vincent Price was also an Art Connoisseur ! I enjoy these posts and love M.J., macaroons, Laura and Rebecca!

  6. Suzanne R.

    “Laura” is my absolute favorite movie! And a perfect movie to watch on a rainy afternoon with tea and the beautiful cookies in this post. I’m inspired!
    So many great lines in “Laura”:
    Detective Mark McPherson: “I must say, for a charming, intelligent girl, you certainly surrounded yourself with a remarkable collection of dopes.”
    And the scheming Waldo Lydecker: “I should be sincerely sorry to see my neighbor’s children devoured by wolves.”
    And of course the suave Shelby Carpenter (Vincent Price in his first major movie role): “I forgot to tell you, I also read palms, I swallow swords, I mend my own socks, I never eat garlic or onions, what more could you want of a man?”

    1. MaryJane Robbins, post author

      Hi Suzanne,
      I never realized it was Vincent’s first movie role. I’ve seen him in so many things. He was on an old episode of Columbo I watched the other day, too. I think he’s the original silver fox. I’m also a huge fan of Rebecca, and pretty much anything Hitchcock. ~ MJ

  7. Kay

    The Joyful Almond version looks really good!

    Are these cookies delicate? Would they do well at a bake sale without falling apart?

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      Kay, much like a Disney princess and a flowering cactus, these delicious cookies are beautiful but sturdy. They would be a delightful addition to any bake sale! Bryanna@KAF

    2. MaryJane Robbins, post author

      HI Kay,
      Bryanna is right, these will hold up quite well. They are smaller, so maybe package them in 3’s in a snack-sized ziplock for selling. Best of luck with your sale. ~ MJ

  8. sandy

    I love the KAF macaroon mix. It is so easy to use and to “dress up”. I drizzled cholcoate on them last time I made them and they were very pretty but didn’t have enough chocolate taste. I had planned to add chopped almonds to the batter of the next batch and then dip in chocolate. Instead, I think I will do what Mary Jane did above – dip and top with an almond. Very nice post.


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