Fall in love with Sift magazine: our new issue is here!

Sift magazine fall 2016 via @kingarthurflour
Months in the making, the beautiful, colorful, fall issue of Sift magazine is here! Packed with more than 60 recipes and filled with adventures, it’s an issue you’ll want to get your hands on right away. Here’s a taste of some of the riches within its pages.


Sift magazine via @kingarthurflourLet’s go to the fair

It’s the time of year when creative bakers all over the land are putting their cakes, breads, and cookies on the line at fairs and festivals, hoping for blue-ribbon glory. King Arthur has been sponsoring these contests for years, and we’ve put together some of our favorite winning recipes for you to enjoy.

Sift magazine via @kingarthurflourSaucy and spectacular

Cool nights have us thinking about warm desserts, and our collection of pudding cakes fills the bill. You’ll find creative flavors such as Vanilla Bean, Gingerbread, Raspberry, and Caramel Pear pudding cakes, next to the more familiar Fudge and Lemon.

Sift magazine via @kingarthurflourPut some pumpkin through its paces

Sift magazine’s new fall issue features sweet and savory recipes that put pumpkin to work in classics such as the best Pumpkin Pie you’ve ever had, as well as flavorful dishes like an Afghan pumpkin stew called Borani Kadoo, and Pumpkin Parmesan Rugelach.

Sift magazine via @kingarthurflour

Beauty in the bog

Speaking of harvest, Jena Carlin shares the scene at her family’s cranberry farm in Wisconsin, and Jim Rude showcases recipes that put that brilliant red bounty to work.

Sift magazine via @kingarthurflourGrilled cheese greatness

Our collection of custom-designed, crafted breads and local artisan cheeses, carefully matched to bring this beloved staple to a whole new level of delectability.

Sift magazine via @kingarthurflourRecipes for pantry orphans

It happens to all of us. We buy an ingredient for a particular recipe, and after that one meal, it languishes in the refrigerator or pantry. For our Easy Recipes feature, we wrote some creative and tasty ideas to put those poor, abandoned ingredients to use.

Sift magazine via @kingarthurflourPastabilities

The glories of fresh restaurant pasta, brought to life in your kitchen. Fresh pasta is quicker to make and easier to enjoy than you might think.

Sift magazine via @kingarthurflourSo much more

Read the story of a family-owned mill in Washington that’s bringing freshly ground flour to school cafeterias. Drop in on a backyard make-your-own pizza party. Take a tour of Nashville’s baking scene with resident pastry wizard Lisa Donovan, explore the glories of baking with buttermilk, and bake with us as we share recipes built tasty on whole-grain goodness.

All the colors, richness, and flavor of fall are waiting for you in the new issue of Sift magazine. Pick up your copy and get lost in its pages today.

Susan Reid

Chef Susan Reid grew up in New Jersey, graduated from Bates College and the Culinary Institute of America, and is presently the Food Editor of Sift magazine. She does demos, appearances, and answers food (and baking) questions from all quarters.


  1. Helen

    I just love Sift too. It has wonderful recipes and gorgeous photography but best of all I read all the articles. I love that you highlight people in the culinary world making a difference and I read your magazine cover to cover.

  2. Carolyn

    I checked out the magazines at a local Harris Teeter (Durham, NC) yesterday and there was Sift. I grabbed it quick!

  3. Joy Manley

    I would be much more willing to buy an issue if I saw a list of the recipes, but for me the best would be to have a yearly subscription. Why are you not willing to do this?
    Would make so much more sense!

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      Thanks for taking the time to share your preferences, Joy. We will be sure to pass along the suggestion to list the recipes in our online announcement. We have had a number of requests for a subscription service, but given that we’re primarily in the business of flour, not publishing, and that we’re putting out a small number of issues per year, it doesn’t make sense for us to take on the added costs of subscription management at this time. Know that we hear you, though, and will keep your feedback in mind. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this edition if you pick it up! Mollie@KAF

  4. Phyllis Saxon

    Do you order this magazine once a month just for the ones you want?
    Or do you send them automatically at the price listed?

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      Hi Phyllis,
      Thanks for asking — we’re glad to hear you’re eager to get your hands on a copy of Sift. There’s no subscription currently available, but instead you can order them on a per issues basis. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Kye@KAF

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      Hi Cristina, we can indeed ship to Mexico! We ship only by Priority Mail International, a service of the US Post Office, and all orders must be paid for at the time of order via credit card. Shipping rates are calculated based on the total weight of the order. For more details on international shipping, please visit the shipping page of our site: http://bit.ly/1zh1i94 or give us a call at 800-827-6836. Mollie@KAF

  5. Mirta

    Dear Baker’s as a fan of your products, recipes and website; I would much love to have an electronic version of your magazine. I would gladly subscribe. I travel a lot and physical mags are really a bother plus trying to help with less compsumption of paper.
    Thanks again for your products.

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      We’re so glad you enjoy our products and the content of Sift magazine! While we don’t currently have an electronic version of Sift, we will happily pass along the suggestion for future consideration. In the meantime, we do have an electronic newsletter, which can alert you to new products and recipes that become available on our website. To sign up, simply enter your email address anywhere on our site that you see the “sign-up” button. If you’re currently receiving a physical catalog from us and wish to unsubscribe, we can do that too – just give us a call at 800-827-6836 or send us an email at customercare@kingarthurflour.com with your details. Mollie@KAF

    1. Susan Reid, post author

      Indeed there is. When The Baking Sheet newsletter retired, we went back to the drawing board and created Sift. Follow the links and check it out! Susan

  6. Margy

    Love Sift. I have all of your previous issues. And, because, inevitably someone will make a comment regarding the price, let me say as a long time KAF customer, that Sift is not a throwaway magazine. It is printed on high quality heavy-duty paper, and is filled with beautiful photography. Worth every penny. But I wouldn’t expect anything different. KAF is high quality in everything they sell.

  7. Marilene Leblanc

    I would love a copy of Sift. It sounds awesome. The only thing holding me back is that I live in Northern Ontario, Canada. What are the costs to purchasing and having it sent by mail? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      We’re glad to hear you’re eager to get your hands on a copy of Sift! We are able to send Sift, as well as other items, to Canada, but a standard international shipping fee will apply. You can read the details here. Thanks for asking! Kye@KAF

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      Hi Sandy,
      We’re glad to hear you’re eager to become part of the community of bakers that read and love Sift! There’s no subscription service currently available. Instead, it’s available on a per-issue basis. You can order the latest edition, the fall issue, on our website now. It ships for free! Happy baking! Kye@KAF

  8. Rosalie D Vroman

    My daughter, and I, are great fans of KAF. We use your products and love to try your new things. Over time we have collected all of the Sift magazines so when your heads up came via e~mail, I pre-ordered for both of us. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Sift to our mailboxes! Thanks so very much for all the quality products, great recipes and tutorials.

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      While there aren’t any dedicated gluten-free recipes or articles in this issue, Brenda, a number of the suggested recipes can be made with ou new Gluten-Free Measure for Measure Flour! http://bit.ly/1XYkpWt Simply substitute it 1:1 for the all-purpose flour in your favorite muffins, cookies, cakes, brownies, pancakes, and other non-yeasted recipes. Hope this helps you find some new ways to bake gluten-free! Mollie@KAF

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      You can indeed, Vonnie! Sift is being carried nationwide by a number of large retailers, including (but not limited to) Sam’s Club, Costco, Target, and Barnes and Noble. It can also be found at some smaller newsstands too and is always available online with FREE standard shipping! Wherever you pick it up, we hope you enjoy it! Mollie@KAF

  9. Mindi

    I made the Buttermilk Apple Pie with a Streusel Crust recipe from the Fall 2016 issue of Sift magazine and didn’t have good results. It was extremely watery, the crust seemed under done. I followed the timing, temperature directions, even added 5 minutes. Could you provide advice on how I might need to change this recipe before I attempt it again someday.

    I love King Arthur products and the Sift magazine is well designed and always filled with great photography, editorial and recipes! The hard part is choosing a new recipe to try, and committing to make something new. I wouldn’t mind trying this recipe again, but I am looking for possible advice on trouble-shooting, and/or possible changes/additions to the recipe instructions. Thank you.

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      Thanks for being such a fan of Sift, Mindi! We’re always pleased to receive reader feedback, as it helps us to refine our recipes and instructions even further. When you link to the online version of this recipe you’ll see that we have made a few tweaks to the recipe, including pre-cooking the apples and adjusting the ingredient balance in the crust. The filling itself is wetter than that of a traditional apple pie, which we think it’s part of its charm, and we’re confident that you’ll have better luck with these other adjustments. Thanks for giving it another go! Mollie@KAF

  10. Ro

    I found the magazine Sift while shopping at Costco. I have never seen this TREASURE displayed anywhere before. Nor have I seen it offered when ordering baking supplies from the King Arthur web site. Is there a way to order a subscription? If Sift is not a regularly offered magazine, is there a means to order back and future issues? I now know there are previous issues via this blog. Oh, the goodies I have missed! Perhaps the magazine could be offered at supermarkets that carry the King Arthur Flour brand, such as Weiss, Shoprite, Kings, Whole Foods, I.e. Local supermarkets for those of us who do not frequent nor visit Sam’s, Target, etc.

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      We’re glad to hear you’ve discovered Sift! We hope it provides a whole trove of baking inspiration for you. There’s no subscription service currently available, but it comes out three times per year and can be ordered from our website at that time. (It ships for free!) It’s also available at bookstores, newsstands, and some grocery retailers. We don’t offer a pre-ordering feature, but you can order some of the past issues on our website here. Also be sure to check out this page, as we hope it helps answer some of the other questions you may have. Happy reading and happy baking! Kye@KAF

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