Easy Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars: mix it up!

Desserts don’t have to be difficult. That’s why I love mixes so much — they simplify the baking process and cut down on the list of ingredients you need to put it all together. Especially now that the holidays are upon us — when you’ve got company coming, whipping together some easy pumpkin cheesecake bars should be just that … easy.

Our new line of Essential Goodness mixes is the perfect addition to any busy household. Made from simple, pure ingredients, they have everything you want in your homemade baked goods, and nothing artificial. Not only that, for every box you buy in the store, King Arthur Flour is donating the cost of a meal to Feeding America. Nothing like doing good while doing your grocery shopping!

The thing that makes these mixes really stand out from others (aside from how good they taste!) is all the tips that come with them. Like turning Vanilla Bean Cheesecake Bar Mix into seasonally delicious easy pumpkin cheesecake bars. See how easy it is —

Tips-For-Making-Easy-Pumpkin-Cheesecake-Bars via @kingarthurflour

All you need is:
Essential Goodness Vanilla Bean Cheesecake Bar Mix
1/2 stick (4 tablespoons) butter, melted
two 8-ounce packages cream cheese, at room temperature
2 large eggs
1/2 cup pumpkin purée
1 1/2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice

Tips-For-Making-Easy-Pumpkin-Cheesecake-Bars via @kingarthurflour

Make and bake the crust according to the mix instructions.

Make the filling according to the mix instructions, stirring in the pumpkin purée and pumpkin pie spice after fully incorporating the other ingredients.

Tips-For-Making-Easy-Pumpkin-Cheesecake-Bars via @kingarthurflour

Pour the filling into the hot baked crust and bake according to the vanilla cheesecake bar instructions. Because of the added liquid from the pumpkin, your bars may take an additional 5 to 10 minutes for the filling to bake.

Tips-For-Making-Easy-Pumpkin-Cheesecake-Bars via @kingarthurflourYou’ll know it’s done when the filling is set except for a small wiggle in the center when the pan is shaken.

Cool the bars for 1 hour at room temperature, then chill in the fridge for at least 3 hours (or overnight) before cutting.

Easy-Pumpkin-Cheesecake-Bars via @kingarthurflour

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If these bars have inspired you, check out all the other delicious ways you can transform cheesecake bars! You’ll find the Essential Goodness mixes in grocery stores all across the country. Use our handy tracker to see what stores near you carry them. And, of course, they’re always on our website. Happy baking!

Gwen Adams

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    1. The Baker's Hotline

      Good question, Heather. These bars benefit from on overnight refrigeration before cutting, so two nights should be just fine as well. While refrigerated cheesecake can be good for up to 5-6 days, for best results, we’d recommend freezing the bars if you make them any further ahead. Mollie@KAF

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      This will depend a little on the depth of your 9″ tart pan, Brenda, but most are just 1″ deep, making them a bit too small to hold this full mix. If you prefer a round shape, a 9″ x 2″ cake pan could work instead as would a 10″ springform pan. Hope this helps! Mollie@KAF

  1. LindaC

    I like to bake this easy pumpkin cheese cake bars, but I had some difficulties with just following and baking the cheese cake bars from the essential GOODNESS vanilla bean cheesecake bar mix.
    I pressed and baked the crust as directed. Pour the filling batter over the baked crust, then baked as directed. Cooled and refrigerated overnight.
    I had the hardest time serving this beautiful and tasty cheesecake. I could not slice through the very hard crust with out digging with a sharp knife. I struggled lifting my bars out of my 8 x8 square pan. Also, my cheese cake part of the bars is all messed up . I could not cut as nicely as showed in your box.
    HELP. I still have another mix box that I want to try baking the pumpkin cheesecake bars. Thank you.

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      Linda, we’re glad to hear you found the flavor of the cheesecake bars delicious. Let’s see if we can make serving a bit easier next time too. We like to use parchment paper to line the bottom and sides of the pan — this tip is shown in detail here. You’ll be able to easily lift the bars out of the pan and cut them on a flat surface. Try running your sharpest, thickest knife under hot water before making a slice. Have a kitchen towel handy to wipe down the knife between slices (and to make sure you don’t drip any water on your bars). Additionally, try baking the crust for about 10-12 minutes rather than 14-16 if you’d like it to be more tender. Hope that helps! Kye@KAF

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      Thanks for sharing your request with us, Bob. Since this isn’t a recipe but rather a mix tip, there’s no printer-friendly version. However, we understand why it might be handy to be able to print this out and making baking these bars even easier. I’ve shared your request with the appropriate team to consider. Kye@KAF

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      It may depend on serving size, Mary. If the bars are bite size, then it’s finger food – and if the serving size would be too messy or crumbly to eat out of hand, then make it a plated dessert. Happy Baking! Irene@KAF

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