Teff Flour Quiche: A Wholesome Make-Ahead Recipe

Baking with Ancient Grains via @kingarthurflourQuiche is a fantastic recipe to master, and teff flour quiche is my favorite new riff on the classic. Teff flour quiche makes a simple dinner, an easy make-ahead meal, or a nourishing breakfast. Pair it with a simple green salad, and you’ve got the perfect balance of flavor and texture: flaky crust and a delicate custard interior packed with vegetables.

A quiche can be as rich as you like, depending on what you add into the filling. I love how beautifully each component complements the others. There’s something undeniably comforting yet sophisticated about a cheesy and eggy custard filling nestled into buttery pastry. Another benefit of having a good quiche recipe in your back pocket is how it takes to any flavor profile.

How to make teff flour quiche via @kingarthurflour

The egg and milk filling is a nice blank canvas for any leftovers or odds and ends in your fridge: Got a nub of cheddar and some about-to-wilt spinach? Throw it in! Have half a butternut squash and some Parmesan? Roast that and add it to the mix!

How to make teff flour quiche via @kingarthurflour

How to make teff flour quiche via @kingarthurflour

You can use already cooked vegetables, raw vegetables, practically any sort of cheese that melts well, and a whole host of other ingredients depending on your mood.

Traditionally we use a classic pie crust with all-purpose flour for our savory quiche. But I’ve always loved adding some whole wheat flour into the mix, for a deeper and nuttier flavor that stands up to the filling better. So when I tested out making a crust with our new teff flour, I was even more impressed!

How to make teff flour quiche via @kingarthurflour

Teff flour is reminiscent of whole wheat flour in flavor, but it’s even more robust and complex in its nuttiness and savory taste. It’s still very subtle in flavor, but really shines in a buttery pastry crust.

How to make teff flour quiche via @kingarthurflour

Teff flour is made from the mildly flavored ancient teff grain. It’s a wholesome and versatile gluten-free flour. Not only is it delicious, but happily it happens to add tons of whole-grain nutrition to baked goods. It’s slightly different to work with compared to whole wheat flour. It absorbs more liquid, so it’s important to start with a small amount of liquid when making your crust, let it sit, and add more if you need. It will seem more crumbly than a standard pie crust, but it will come together nicely in the end.

How to make teff flour quiche via @kingarthurflour

Choose your filling

To fill my teff flour quiche, I used a blend of balsamic caramelized onions, cheddar, baby spinach, and roasted butternut squash. You can do the same by following the recipe here, or take your favorite quiche recipe (or any one you find!) and simply use our teff flour quiche crust recipe in place of the crust it calls for.

How to make teff flour quiche via @kingarthurflour

Teff flour's lovely, subtle nuttiness pairs well with sweet and savory recipes. Click To Tweet

Like any standard pie crust, you could use this teff flour quiche crust recipe for a savory quiche or for any sweet recipe calling for a standard 9″ pie crust.

So this week, consider your dinner plans taken care of. Make our tender teff flour quiche crust, raid your fridge for produce, whisk together a quick filling, and bake. You’ll add a fantastic weeknight dinner recipe to your repertoire, and you’ll see why we think this teff flour quiche gives a new, nuttier, more wholesome meaning to comfort food.

If you’re interested in experimenting with teff flour or other ancient grains, check out King Arthur’s Complete Guide to Baking with Ancient Grains and start incorporating these unique, flavorful flours into your baking.


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  1. Andrea*B

    We just bought teff and I am so glad for more recipes and ways to use it – thanks! Can’t wait to try:)

  2. victoria

    Quiche is one of my favorite dishes to serve for brunch. This one looks amazing. Can
    t wait to try it. For my last brunch I made a frittata. You might like to check out my recipe. dotellabelle.com/sunday-morning-brunch-artichoke-ricotta-and-italian-sausage-frittata/

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      Hi Rochelle, we might still be able to help. If you’re looking to make your crust gluten-free, you might want to use the teff crust recipe as a base and replace the all-purpose flour with our Measure for Measure Flour, which is made from whole grains other than wheat (like whole grain brown rice and whole grain sorghum). I hope that helps, and happy GF baking! Kye@KAF

  3. Beth Stefano

    I don’t find a recipe. I’m interested in the ref pie crust. Do I simply use my regular pie crust recipe and substitute teff flour for my usual gluten-free flour blend. That sounds hazardous. I’d appreciate an opinion.

    1. Posie Harwood, post author

      Beth, try this recipe for our teff flour crust. We wouldn’t recommend substituting teff flour in a regular pie crust recipe, since teff flour behaves differently than all-purpose flour. Enjoy! Posie

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