Baking with sprouted wheat flour: creative takes

You love to bake. Your chocolate chip cookies are classic. Your pie crust is without peer. Your muffins? Magnificent. So why mess with a good thing by substituting a whole grain, like sprouted wheat, for your favorite all-purpose flour?

Because you need to get past your fear of whole grains. Or your resistance to change. Or simply your baking complacency. I mean, why NOT try an exciting new ingredient that delivers great taste, excellent texture, and added nutrition to boot?

Creative baking with sprouted wheat flour is a real eye-opener — a flavor revelation. Click To Tweet

We recently connected with bloggers around the country, asking them to come up with some personal-favorite recipes for baking with sprouted wheat flour.

The result? Well, keep reading and see. We know by the end of this post you’ll be adding sprouted wheat flour to your ingredient bucket list.

Baking with sprouted wheat flour via @kingarthurflour

Sprouted Wheat Jalapeño Pretzel Braid w/ Skillet Queso, The Young Austinian

Says Katherine at The Young Austinian, “… I’ve decided to create a more grown-up, healthier, less microwaved version of my brother’s brilliant childhood invention. Soft, hot pretzels made with sprouted wheat and fresh, spicy jalapeños, served up for a crowd (or just one if you’re a teenage boy) and dipped in homemade, so-much-better-than-just-plain-ol’-melted-cheddar queso.”

Baking with sprouted wheat flour via @kingarthurflour

Sprouted Grain Sourdough Bread, The Perfect Loaf

Says Maurizio at The Perfect Loaf, “This bread is a welcome shift from some of the heartier breads I’ve been baking lately. It has a subdued, gentle flavor profile and, according to King Arthur Flour’s sprouted wheat guide, the sprouted whole grain has high fiber content and it’s packed with added nutrition … I feel like this flour would be perfect in some of my other sourdough recipes, perhaps as a substitute directly for whole wheat flour (as in red whole wheat) or even half the total white flour in a formula.”

Baking with sprouted wheat flour via @kingarthurflour

Sprouted Flour Pancakes with Vanilla Pear Compote, Two Red Bowls

Says Cynthia at Two Red Bowls, “…lo and behold, replacing half the flour in my favorite pancake recipe with sprouted wheat flour made for incredibly fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth pancakes that I swear might have been even softer and more tender than their regular counterparts, with a subtle sweet, nutty flavor. You could go with straight butter and maple syrup and call it a day, but a quick vanilla pear compote (that I’ve been putting on absolutely everything) and a dollop of Greek yogurt or mascarpone never hurt anything, and it definitely didn’t here.”

Baking with sprouted wheat flour via @kingarthurflour

Seedy Sandwich Bread, Alexandra’s Kitchen

Says Alexandra at Alexandra’s Kitchen, “For the past month or so, I’ve been baking the sandwich bread featured here using half King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour and half King Arthur Sprouted Wheat Flour. The loaves have been turning out beautifully, the crumb soft and light, the taste without a trace of bitterness.”

Baking with sprouted wheat flour via @kingarthurflour

Sprouted Wheat Vanilla Chai Bars, Pastry Affair

Says Kristin at Pastry Affair, “Sprouted Wheat Vanilla Chai Bars are a sweet, spiced version of a blondie. The bars are moist and chewy due to the addition of brown sugar. Covered with a layer of butter and chai-spiced sugar, the crunchy top and dense interior provide a contrast in textures.”

Baking with sprouted wheat flour via @kingarthurflour

Homemade Sprouted Wheat Crackers, Real Mom Nutrition

Says Sally at Real Mom Nutrition, “The dough is made with just a few simple ingredients and is easy to roll out. Cut them to whatever shape and size you like, brush with olive oil, sprinkle with salt (or your favorite seasonings), and bake. They’re sturdy enough to dunk into hummus or spread with soft cheese. My family’s been munching on them all week.”

Baking with sprouted wheat flour via @kingarthurflour

Sprouted Wheat Cheddar and Chive Scones, 100 Days of Real Food

Says Lisa at 100 Days of Real Food,“I used one of King Arthur’s recipes to test out the new sprouted wheat flour, and I have to say the results were sooo good. My kids kept trying to call them biscuits, but they liked them so much I literally had to cut them off so there’d be a few still around the next day! I served them with poached eggs and a salad for an easy weeknight dinner.”

Baking with sprouted wheat flour via @kingarthurflour

Sprouted Wheat Flatbread, Nourished Kitchen

Says Jenny at Nourished Kitchen, “My husband and I had been looking for a good reliable flatbread recipe made with properly prepared grains – something that we could use to wrap up beans and chili-spiced meat when we make burritos, or one that can help us sop up fragrant curries. This is that recipe: It’s easy to make, requires few ingredients, and it’s incredibly versatile.”

Baking with sprouted wheat flour: it’s a change for the better.

Have you tried baking with sprouted wheat flour? How do you like it? Please share your thoughts (and recipe links) in comments, below.

PJ Hamel

PJ Hamel grew up in New England, graduated from Brown University, and was a Maine journalist before joining King Arthur Flour in 1990. PJ bakes and writes from her home on Cape Cod, where she enjoys beach-walking, her husband, two dogs, and really good food!


  1. Mary Wilber

    Years ago I was told by a nutritionist that if your whole grain products have a bitter taste to them they are on the verge of turning rancid and should be discarded. To prolong the shelf life of any flours or grains especially in warm climates or humid climates keep your flour, grains, nuts and chocolates in the freezer. I wrap my bags of flour in a heavy duty plastic bags to save it from any moisture loss or bag condensation. Smaller bags I store in freezer zip lock bags. My nuts and chocolates I measure out in cup increments and food saver them for future recipes as I buy from wholesale warehouses. This has been a life saver since some things I do not use very often. I have had good results without any deterioration of my baking supplies and save wasting food and money. I have not added sprouted wheat flour to my baking repertoire yet as it is hard to find in my neck of the country. I was told that sprouted wheat flour is good to use if you have gluten sensitivities. Do you know if this is true?

    1. PJ Hamel, post author

      Mary, this is very sound advice — thanks for sharing. We haven’t heard anything about sprouted wheat flour being easier on those with gluten sensitivity; but this is a question you’d want to ask a nutritionist or your doctor. Sorry I can’t offer more immediate help — PJH

  2. Luci York

    Luci York – I did not see sprouted wheat in my most recent catalog. My small grocery store here in Kilmarnock carries only basic K.F. Flours – Help me out please. (Years ago in Northern Virginia, Pepperidge Farm had a Sprouted Wheat bread that was very good but had an unreliable shelf life – it would mold in the blink of an eye.)

  3. Kathy

    But does it have bits of sprouts in it? Is it like eating bread with seeds in it or is it just another kind of whole wheat flour?

    1. MaryJane Robbins

      Hi Kathy,
      The sprouted wheat is completely dried before it’s milled and it’s milled just as fine as our regular whole wheat flours, so no need to worry about bits and pieces. ~MJ

  4. Melisa Smith

    Great post! I’ve been loving this King Arthur sprouted wheat flour for my newest favorite sandwich bread recipe! I’ve developed a recipe using my sourdough and seeds that my husband and I really like. You can see it here:
    It makes fabulous toast and amazing grilled cheese sandwiches. The sprouted wheat adds a nice chewiness and the bread is soft with a light sweetness.
    I can’t wait to try it in my flatbread and bundt cake recipes!

    1. PJ Hamel, post author

      Melisa, glad you’re enjoying the sprouted wheat flour; and thanks for sharing your recipe! PJH

  5. Merrilee

    I love King Arthur Flour, and I’m really excited to try these sprouted wheat flour recipes! Thanks for the great and nutritious ideas, PJ!!

  6. Monica

    I made the Sprouted Wheat Vanilla Chai Bars several months ago. The flour worked beautifully, hard to tell about the flavor though, because I think the bars are too heavily spiced, and it turns out I’m not a fan of Chai! I’m thinking of trying them again with just cinnamon and finely diced crystallized ginger.

  7. Kay

    Ooh, chai bars and savory scones! Those look good. I’m not a huge whole wheat fan but I will give this a try. Always fun to experiment with new flours.

  8. JDBarber

    Hi! What a great post. I am considering making a healthier bread for my husband and I. Wondering about your bread recipe that you spoke of in reply to comment above. Also, did you use a bread machine? Thanks

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      We’re glad to hear you’re intrigued! Try making this Sprouted Wheat Easy Rustic Bread if you want to really see this flour shine. It’s easy to prepare and you can use a bread machine to do the mixing/kneading if you like. Just be sure to follow the timeline described in the recipe, turning the machine off as necessary to let the dough rest when called for. You’ll get the best results if you shape the dough by hand and bake it in a loaf pan in your oven (after your bread machine has done all the hard work!). Happy baking! Kye@KAF

  9. Jo

    Great post except for one important item – what does this taste like? I’m open to trying something new but I need some idea how it tastes.

    1. PJ Hamel, post author

      Jo, I just made some bread with sprouted wheat flour yesterday, and I LOVE the flavor. I’m not a huge whole wheat fan due to the potential bitter taste, but this flavor is mild and just kind of richly grainy, without any bitterness. It’s very nice – give it a try! PJH

    2. Magster

      I have made 6 loaves of bread with it. Absolutely delish. I mixed with KAF bread flour. It’s even good with 1 cup per loaf.

    3. Lu

      I highly recommend this flour. I made the Hamburger potato buns, mixing and kneading in the Z. mini bakery using, 1c. A.P., 1/2c. sprouted, 1/2c. bread, and 1/3c. potato, it was delicious. I am going to increase the sprouted next time switching the 1c. A.P. for sprouted. I like P.J.’s description of the flavor.

    4. PJ Hamel, post author

      Thanks for sharing here, Lu. Great idea, using sprouted wheat flour in soft burger buns; I’ll try that next time. PJH

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