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Hot, aromatic yeast bread. Deep-dark devil’s food cake. Cinnamon scones to die for. And apple pie even your grandma can’t top. Our mission here at King Arthur Flour is to help you become the very best baker you can be. Whether you’re an eager beginner, a devoted home baker, or a seasoned professional, King Arthur Flour offers you the resources you need.

Fresh sourdough starter and the finest organic and all-natural flours and grains. Yeast, chocolate, and sparkling sugar. Vietnamese cinnamon, and an extensive array of easy, delicious mixes. You can rely on King Arthur for absolute top-quality products. We bake with these products every day, discovering new techniques and formulating new recipes in our test kitchen. But, bottom line, it doesn’t really feel like a job. We bake for the same reason you do: because it’s creative, fun, and we love to share.

This blog is a reflection of the lives we lead here at King Arthur. Now, come into our kitchen…


  1. Linda Altieri

    Can I assemble my Parker House Rolls and freeze them and then thaw & let rise before baking on Thanksgiving without sacrificing quality. Looking for a do ahead way of freeing up some time on Thanksgiving morning.

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      If you’d like to prepare the Parker House Roll dough in advance, Linda, you can mix the dough, let it rest at room temperature for about 10 to 15 minutes and then put the dough in the fridge overnight. Complete the first rise (the bulk fermentation) in the fridge for about 12 to 16 hours (overnight). The next morning, go straight to shaping and buttering the dough. Let the dough rest until the rolls become puffy; this may take slightly longer than expected to account for the dough being cold. Go ahead and bake as directed in the recipe, and let your family sing your praises! Annabelle@KAF

  2. Mo Barrett

    How long can a sourdough bread starter last in the refrigerator? I fed it once after receiving it from a friend, but not again for three weeks. Is it still viable? I’m a brand new baker.

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      Hi Mo, we typically recommend feeding sourdough starters about once every week if they’re kept in the fridge, but we’ve heard from some bakers who have admitted to neglecting their starters for months at a time, and they were able to bring it back to life with regular feedings. If the starter has any discolored spots (pink, green, blue, orange spots or streaks), you’ll want to discard the starter and begin anew. Feel free to check out this article called Sourdough starter troubleshooting to see some photos of what a “gone bad” starter looks like. Otherwise, give your starter some feedings and see if it starts to rise and get bubbly. For more details on sourdough baking, check out our full Sourdough Baking Guide here. Happy baking! Kye@KAF

  3. Jill Story

    I am finding so many wonderful scone recipies in my Tea Time magazine but most of them are gluten free. How do I change it and make it not gluten free?

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      That could take some experimentation, Jill, since recipes that are written to be gluten-free often have different ratios of ingredients than standard recipes. If they’re calling for a 1:1 gluten-free flour like our Gluten-Free Measure For Measure Flour, then you should be able to just swap that with All-Purpose Flour. If it’s calling for a Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour and the addition of xanthan gum, you can try eliminating the xanthan gum and swapping out the flour for regular All-Purpose, but it’s possible that the recipe won’t turn out the way you want it to so it could take some trial and error.
      If your magazine has a recipe for a base scone, you could use that one and include the flavors or fillings of the gluten-free recipes to see if you enjoy that. Happy experimenting! Annabelle@KAF

  4. Jean Young

    I just got my baker’s couche from King Arthur. It’s so nicely folded and it’s very stiff. Should I wash it first to get the stiffness out? Seems like a good idea. I’d like to bake with it this weekend.

    1. The Baker's Hotline

      Thanks for reaching out, Jean. Please, do not wash your couche, or it won’t work nearly as well as the natural oils will wash away. It will loosen and soften with uses and become your new favorite kitchen tool. Annabelle@KAF

  5. Polly Renk

    I am wondering what difference there is between malt and sugar. There was a choice in the overnight waffles.

    1. MaryJane Robbins

      Hi Polly,
      The malt will give you more of a classic “diner” taste to your waffles, that little extra something besides sweetness. ~ MJ

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