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  • Easy Strawberry Shortcake via @kingarthurflour
    Easy strawberry shortcake
    If ever there was a time for strawberry shortcake – easy strawberry shortcake – it's now.…
  • sweet and savory scones hero
    Sweet and Savory Scones
    In the spring issue of Sift we turn our attention to scones, one of the…
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches blog via @kingarthurflour
    Ice cream sandwiches
    There’s nothing quite like coming in from a day spent in the sunshine and pulling…
  • Baguettes 4 Ways via @kingarthurflour
    Baguettes 4 Ways: using 1 recipe
    Our Classic Baguettes and Stuffed Baguettes recipe is just as the name states – a…
  • Valentine Hearts via @kingarthurflour
    Valentine Heart Recipes
    Valentine’s Day is the time of year where you show those you love that you really…
  • Fast Puff Pastry via @kingarthurflour
    Easy Puff Pastry Appetizers
    New Year's Eve is a fancy, go-all-out holiday. It calls for Champagne, glitter, and your…
  • Stamp Cookies via @kingarthurflour
    Stamp Cookies
    So it happened. The annual cookie swap invitation just appeared in your inbox – and…
  • a cookie swap via@kingarthurflour
    A cookie swap from Sift
      For generations, people have been getting together around holiday time to share and exchange…
  • Big Batch Brownies and Bars via @kingarthurflour
    Big batch brownies and bars
    When you get past the glitter and glam of holiday cutout cookies, what are you…
  • bundt cake bliss via@kingarthurflour
    Bundt Cake Bliss
    One of the most elegant (yet easy) desserts you can make, a Bundt cake takes…
  • Cinnamon Star Bread
    Looking for the ultimate in fancy holiday sweet breads, guaranteed to impress? Who better than…
  • Dinner Roll Recipes via @kingarthurflour
    Dinner roll recipes
    Who doesn't love the annual Thanksgiving feast? The impressively large turkey with its crackling-crisp mahogany…
  • holiday breakfast recipes via@kingarthurflour
    Holiday Breakfast Recipes
    This year, when your favorite people are gathered under your roof, make them something memorable…
  • The Party Bundt Pan Returns
    Bell-bottoms, leisure suits, and a shiny Bundt Pan were all you needed to have the…
  • Halloween Cupcakes via@kingarthurflour
    Halloween Cupcakes
    Put down your pumpkins and pitchforks and pick up your pastry bags, it's time to…
  • Pumpkin and Spice via @kingarthurflour
    Pumpkin and Spice Recipes
    Pumpkin and spice. This tasty fruit really is the quintessential flavor of the season. Once…
  • Classic Scalloped Potatoes via @kingarthurflour
    Five Fall Comfort Foods
    Here in New England, it's almost time to turn the heat on in the house.…
  • Pumpkin Cream Cheese Roll via @kingarthurflour
    Pumpkin Cream Cheese Roll
    Pumpkin. It's that quintessential fall flavor that we love to anticipate. In lattes and cookies…
  • Great breads and spreads via @kingarthur
    Six Great Breads and Spreads
    The power of fresh, warm bread to bring people together is ageless. The magical alchemy…
  • How to Make a Better Boxed Lunch via@kingarthurflour
    Bake A Better Boxed Lunch
    As many of us watch the seasons changing, it's a harbinger of changes not only…
  • Zucchini recipes via @kingarthurflour
    Zucchini recipes
    What do zucchinis and fruitcake have in common? Well, they're both edible – according to…
  • Grilled Pizza via @kingarthurflour
    Grilled Pizza
    Forget the burgers and dogs; pizza is one of the best things to grill. The…
  • Classic cakes with frostings that dress to impress via @kingarthurflour
    Five Classic Cakes
    A party without cake is just a meeting. —Julia Child For our premier issue of…
  • Hawaiian Buns
    Hawaiian pineapple. It really is as good as it gets. Sweeter and more delicious than…