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  • sugar alternatives via @kingarthurflour
    Sugar alternatives
    Sift's Fall 2017 issue has plenty of sweet things to discover and bake, including our…
  • Spiced cherry breakfast ring via @kingarthurflour
    Baking with cherries
      "As kids, if we weren't in the orchards gleaning or running wild, we were…
  • Gluten-free Citrus Bundt Cake via @kingarthurflour
    Baking gluten-free sweets
    Sift's spring 2017 issue explores the season's many flavors and stories. Today, we're spending time…
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    Cocktail cakes: straight up
    Sift magazine's holiday issue presents dozens of inspirations for this festive season's baking. There's one…
  • Holiday Baking Ideas via @kingarthurflour
    Holiday baking ideas
    Everything feels a little extra-special around the holidays. Fires feel cozier and kitchens are more…
  • chocolate crepe cake via@kingarthurflour
    Creative crêpe recipes
    Sift magazine's holiday issue presents one of the most simple, versatile foods you can make:…
  • Easy-Pumpkin-Cheesecake-Bars via @kingarthurflour
    Easy Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars
    Desserts don't have to be difficult. That's why I love mixes so much — they…
  • sift magazine via@kingarthurflour
    Sift magazine celebrates
    Sift magazine is here for the holidays, with more recipes than ever before. For us,…
  • pudding cake via @kingarthurflour
    Pudding cake
    In the world of dessert, nothing illustrates the miracles an oven can perform the way…
  • Essential Goodness Chocolate Chip Cookies via @kingarthurflour
    Essential Goodness Chocolate Chip Cookie mix
    Our Essential Goodness chocolate chip cookie mix make a delicious, buttery cookie reminiscent of childhood,…
  • Make Your Absolute Favorite Brownie via @kingarthurflour
    Make your absolute favorite brownie
    There’s something empowering about being a home baker, especially when it comes to making your…
  • Golden Vanilla Cake via @kingarthurflour
    Golden Vanilla Cake Redux
    Here at King Arthur Flour's Baker's Hotline, we notice when a particular recipe starts to…
  • homemade ice cream via @kingarthurflour
    Homemade Ice Cream
    I’m sure this isn’t news to anyone who clicked on this blog, but... It’s ice…
  • Cake Decorating Tips via @kingarthurflour
    Cake Decorating Tips
    I know you're reading this post for our best cake decorating tips, and here's the…
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches blog via @kingarthurflour
    Ice cream sandwiches
    There’s nothing quite like coming in from a day spent in the sunshine and pulling…
  • cherry pie via@kingarthurflour
    Cherry Pie
      With six kids it was always busy, even hectic, for my mom. Between the…
  • Valentine Hearts via @kingarthurflour
    Valentine Heart Recipes
    Valentine’s Day is the time of year where you show those you love that you really…
  • bundt cake bliss via@kingarthurflour
    Bundt Cake Bliss
    One of the most elegant (yet easy) desserts you can make, a Bundt cake takes…
  • Snowflake Shortbread via @kingarthurflour
    Snowflake Shortbread
    Shortbread cookies are one of the easiest and most delicious desserts to make. Don't let…
  • Perfect Thanksgiving Pies via @kingarthurflour
    Perfect Thanksgiving Pies
    Thanksgiving is stressful. The prep, the multiple sides and appetizers and desserts that need to…
  • cast iron cooking
    Cast Iron Cooking
    Sift magazine's fall issue features a love story (with recipes) from us to the glories…
  • Holiday baking via @kingarthurflour
    Holiday Baking (and reading)
    Holiday baking is the time when the otherwise humble ingredients flour, butter, sugar and yeast…
  • Pumpkin and Spice via @kingarthurflour
    Pumpkin and Spice Recipes
    Pumpkin and spice. This tasty fruit really is the quintessential flavor of the season. Once…
  • Pumpkin Cream Cheese Roll via @kingarthurflour
    Pumpkin Cream Cheese Roll
    Pumpkin. It's that quintessential fall flavor that we love to anticipate. In lattes and cookies…