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  • Last-Minute Miracles
    Christmas is just three days away. By this time, I assume you've made your list…
  • Mahmoul via @kingarthurflour
    Mahmoul for the holidays
      The 2018 Holiday issue of Sift magazine includes a collection of cookies from all…
  • Fruit Cake Bundt via @kingarthurflour
    Fruit cake Bundt
    Fruitcake: noun. 1. a rich cake containing dried or candied fruit and nuts.   You may…
  • Gluten-Free Dinner Rolls via @kingarthurlfour
    Gluten-Free Dinner Rolls
    If you, or anyone you know, are gluten-free, then you probably can attest that passing up…
  • seeduction challa via @kingarthurflour
    Baking with challah dough
    In the Spring Issue of Sift, blogger Molly Yeh shares her love of challah and…
  • Baking with pancake mix via @kingarthurflour
    Baking with pancake mix
    Versatility. It's something we all want in our baking mixes. Yes, buying a pancake mix…
  • Smoked Gouda Spoonbread via @kingarthurflour
    Celebrating contemporary casseroles
    Sift magazine's holiday issue presents dozens of inspirations for baking that bring families together. In…
  • cocktail cakes via@kingarthurflour
    Cocktail cakes: straight up
    Sift magazine's holiday issue presents dozens of inspirations for this festive season's baking. There's one…
  • baking with molasses hero
    Baking with Molasses
    Sift magazine’s holiday issue is full of festive recipes for this season’s baking. Sift magazine often includes a feature…
  • Holiday Baking Ideas via @kingarthurflour
    Holiday baking ideas
    Everything feels a little extra-special around the holidays. Fires feel cozier and kitchens are more…
  • hero via@kingarthurflour
    Holiday cookies: by the book
    Sift magazine's Holiday issue has your holiday cookie inspiration covered. We teamed up with three…
  • Butter-Pecan Kringle Bakealong via @kingarthurflour
    Butter-Pecan Kringle Bakealong
    Welcome to our December Bakealong challenge. Each month, we'll announce a new recipe for you…
  • Cranberry-Orange Babka via kingarthurflour
    Cranberry-Orange Babka
    Do you usually shy away from complicated baking projects? Yes or no, stick with me…
  • St Lucia Buns via @kingarthurflour
    Small, Sweet Holiday Bread Recipes from Sift
    Sift magazine's holiday issue presents dozens of inspirations for this festive season's baking. Our Bread…
  • sift magazine via@kingarthurflour
    Sift magazine celebrates
    Sift magazine is here for the holidays, with more recipes than ever before. For us,…
  • How to make Halloween Spider Bundt via @kingarthurflour
    Halloween Spider Bundt
    It's time to let the creepy crawlies in on the fun! Every year King Arthur…
  • Bialys via @kingarthurflour
    Baking Bialys, Pursuing Perfection
    Father's Day is coming up, and the Spring issue of Sift magazine includes a story…
  • cherry pie via@kingarthurflour
    Cherry Pie
      With six kids it was always busy, even hectic, for my mom. Between the…
  • Valentine Hearts via @kingarthurflour
    Valentine Heart Recipes
    Valentine’s Day is the time of year where you show those you love that you really…
  • Holiday Sweet Breads via@kingarthurflour
    Holiday Sweet Breads from Sift
    Sift magazine's holiday issue showcases all kinds of festive baking, food gifts, and inspiration. We'd like…
  • Stamp Cookies via @kingarthurflour
    Stamp Cookies
    So it happened. The annual cookie swap invitation just appeared in your inbox – and…
  • a cookie swap via@kingarthurflour
    A cookie swap from Sift
      For generations, people have been getting together around holiday time to share and exchange…
  • Big Batch Brownies and Bars via @kingarthurflour
    Big batch brownies and bars
    When you get past the glitter and glam of holiday cutout cookies, what are you…
  • Springerle via @kingarthurflour
    Do you know what springerle are? Traditionally leavened with hartshorn (baker’s ammonia) and flavored with…