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  • Sprouted Wheat Pain de Mie via @kingarthurflour
    Sprouted Wheat Pain de Mie
    When I first started baking seriously in 1996, I focused on making crusty hearth breads.…
  • Honey-Oat Pain de Mie
    Ah, supermarket bread! Beloved of children, remembered with nostalgia by their crusty-chewy-artisan-loaf-eating parents. Close-grained, soft,…
  • White bread, pure and simple
    Ahhhhh, cinnamon toast. Ahhhhh, bread and butter. Ahhhhh, grilled cheese. And what, pray tell, is…
  • Hearts and flours
    OK, I admit it. I can’t be silent any longer. This secret love I have…
  • Off-the-wall recipes
    Do you know what “off the wall recipes” are? Now, don’t get all excited thinking…